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Live Reports

30. Jun 2022

fleetster helps fleets analyze and change their behavior through detailed reports.

Live reports coming soon

It's a great pleasure to build systems that work for you and save time, and it's especially exciting when you can get information with the help of technology that wasn't available before.

We attack the topic of reporting from two sides:

  1. Reports of the information generated in the system (cost of all damages, overview of all tasks, amount and cost of parking tickets, etc. etc.) In the fleet, a lot of data is generated...
  2. Reports with live telematics data

This is the dimension that is much more difficult to get and much more exciting in terms of content. With our live reports, for example, you can see which departmental vehicles (which are not booked via software today) are actually being used. This gives you the savings potential after a few months. You also get an overview of all refueling operations and CO2 emissions.

With the charging infrastructure report, we aim to determine the range requirements of a fleet and thus derive how large the future charging infrastructure needs to be built.

In a few weeks, our customers who have installed data plugs or CarSharing kits will be able to test the functions. After the summer, the reports will also be available to new customers.