The end of the KeyManager from Invers

The end of the KeyManager from Invers

1. Mar 2021 | By Tim Ruhoff

Invers GmbH continues to focus on their flagship product. Due to the increasing demand for their robust CloudBoxx telematics solution, Invers is discontinuing the service of their key cabinet, the KeyManager.

Invers KeyManager is no longer supported

The market leader in in-car telematics, Invers GmbH from Netphen is discontinuing service of their key cabinet product. This means that some of your long-standing customers will have to change their minds. Of course, the telematics solution is a very good option; however, some companies want to stick with the tried and true and accordingly have to start looking for robust solutions that can ideally import all data from the previous system.


Many companies are looking for an electronic key cabinet solution

fleetster offers one of the most stable electronic key cabinet solutions on the market.

fleetster is a partner of Invers

Invers und fleetster have been working together for a long time. fleetster relies in the partnership on the probably most robust Car Sharing telematics solution worldwide.

fleetster has deeply integrated the hardware from Invers and is one of the companies that use the most data points from the so-called Car Sharing Kit and feed them into a mobility platform.

Many customers today use the automated combination solution of Invers and fleetster.

fleetster and Car Sharing
fleetster and Car Sharing

The electronic key cabinet solution from fleetster

fleetster offers you an efficient solution for automated key management of pool vehicles or company cars. The electronic key box from fleetster takes over the key management and thus replaces any manual work, and accordingly saves the valuable time of your fleet management.

All key removals and key returns are documented and time stamped. The Key boxes are equipped with a control panel and are accessible 24/7. The admin has the possibility to view and check all vehicles transparently at any time.

Key management with electronic key safe
Key management with electronic key safe

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