Geotab Keyless integration with fleetster

1. May 2021 | By Tim Ruhoff

fleetster is one of the official software partners of the new Keyless Car Sharing device by Geotab.

Geotab chose the five best car sharing software provider

On October 16 of this year, Geotab announced on the third annual Mobility Connect conference the launch of Geotab Keyless. A scalable platform solution to enable car sharing by fleets and to better analyze all the data that the vehicles send.

Geotab Keyless was launched with the implementation of the top five car-sharing software providers in the world, according to Geotab. fleetster is proud to be amongst those five.

fleetster has now integrated the Geotab Keyless solution within its software, compatible with all current features, including corporate car sharing, fleet management, driver license control and soon the driver log.

The fleetster mobility platform

Our car-sharing software solution enables corporate, public or government fleets to put their existing vehicles to more productive use.

At the centre of our solution is a booking tool that ensures that everyone knows which vehicle is available at what time in the future. Around this core concept, we have added multiple features to differentiate our software from a simple booking tool or from an excel or outlook solution. For example, key management, billing tool for private trips, driver license control and much more.