fleetster Reloaded 2021

We invite you to join us in our annual get-together

Basic Information


Tim Ruhoff, CEO and Founder of fleetster


18th of November, 2021


Zielstattstr. 19, 81379 Munich @mantro-office

Evening Event

Our evening event is the big show. Tim Ruhoff will give a key note that is followed by a networking session with live product demonstrations. This is the point in the year where we look back to see what we achieved and to update our strategy to convert it to a concrete plan for the next year.

A typical agenda would include:
1. Facts and data from our industry and our customers
2. Review of our highlights of this year
3. Our strategy explained with examples from our platform
4. Product outlook for 2022

Partner Workshop

The partner workshop is a chance for our resellers, public car-sharers and strategic partners to see what we developed and what they can expect.

7 Products in one year

The fleetster developers delivered in 2021!

For the Reloaded event that could mean that the keynote will be significantly longer. Since we all prefer a crisp and short presentation, we need your contribution by already watching our 5-minute-introduction into all our new products. That will save us valuable time during the event.

360° Fleet Mobility Platform

There will be a lot to talk about!

To save you some time we prepared an overview video with all of our new products. That should give you a nice boost/preparation for the evening.

See you soon

We are now busy preparing the presentation, the workshop and some surprises for you.

Stay tuned!


We are looking forward to finally seeing you again!