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fleetster Reloaded 2020

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Executive Summary of fleetster Reloaded 2020

The first fleetster Reloaded event in November 2014 was the reaction to the fact that the market for our software was not yet mature and we had to change fundamentally.

Today, the global Corona situation presents many companies with a very similar challenge: the previous product-market fit may no longer exist and changes need to be implemented quickly. These changes are also the leitmotif of this year's presentation.

fleetster Reloaded 2020 executive summary
fleetster Reloaded 2020 executive summary

The World Reloaded

With customers from New Zealand to Chile, we know one thing above all: Corona has an impact on all countries and their economies.

Because we love data and have taken a very close look at which types of Car Sharing are particularly affected, we have found that there are not only losers under these circumstances. Some areas are already using Car Sharing more than they used to, before the crisis.

The rate of growth in the use of the fleetster platform has slowed down considerably, but in some areas, usage has increased by more than 25%.

fleetster reloaded 2020
fleetster reloaded 2020

News from the Ecosystem

There are various White Label customers of fleetster. These include Daimler Daimler VAN2SHARE, Telekom MobilitySolutions, Deer CarSharing, HeyEarl, mikar, Athlon Car2Use, and many more.

For example, Deer CarSharing has set up a CarSharing service at Stuttgart Airport, and mikar is offering more and more municipalities a Car Sharing network.

News from the fleetster world
News from the fleetster world

10x Growth

The basic idea behind 10x is to think big when growing and to question what you would have to change if you no longer want to grow 5% | 10% | 20%, but 10x (1,000%).

At fleetster we ask ourselves this question regularly, and look in two directions:
1. What is needed in Sales / Marketing so that it can work?
2. What requirements must be created in the software for this step?

We had an important breakthrough in technology this year, that we'd like to share with you.

10x Growth by fleetster
10x Growth by fleetster

Product Updates

Of course, this year as well, is about our product updates and highlights from software development.

A special feature this time around are our innovations in the hardware area. This leads to completely new possibilities for existing and new products as well. One highlight, for example, is the integration with our key cabinet and the automatic data transfer from the car.

Product Updates in fleetster reloaded 2020
Product Updates in fleetster reloaded 2020

We Love Geotab

In 2020 we worked on getting data from vehicles that are not equipped with a Car Sharing Kit, and that integrate the OBD connector from Geotab.

For us, this partnership has two advantages:

On one hand, the hardware itself is installed in millions of vehicles and is accordingly both mature and robust. On the other hand, Geotab is a “global player” with a strong presence in many markets into which we want to expand ever more strongly.

The highlight is of course the new Geotab Keyless Hardware, which we are currently testing on 3 continents, and will be selling from next year.

fleeter and Geotab partnership
fleeter and Geotab partnership