fleetster Pro Apps are ready!

23. Jul 2015 | By Tim Ruhoff

Finally, the new versions of our apps are online! New in a way that the apps are linked to our new fleetster system. Our users can now benefit from the new design and improved usability, and thus are able to book trips and manage reservations even more effectively. The good news is that the key management supported by a fully automatic key cabinet works in the new app as well. However, it is important to mention, that for those users whose accounts have not been moved to the new version of fleetster software yet, it is the most reasonable to continue using our old apps. As fleetster wants to exceed the expectations of its customers by providing them with the best functionalities, our team is constantly working on developing new features. Therefore, our clients can already get excited about the new option for extension of ongoing bookings, navigation, logbook and more. As always, the Corporate CarSharing Apps are available for both Android and iOS operating systems.