Driving license check-up

Mandatory drivers license check-up

27. Mar 2018 | By Tim Ruhoff

Companies that use corporate car sharing and corporate cars, can have many reasons to provide those cars to their employees. It could be part of its business model like a delivery service or can be part of its employer branding. Either way, it’s the companies ’liability to check the drivers' licenses of its employees. Therefore, fleetster has developed different features to help keep track of that matter.

Corporate carsharing users

Companies tend to provide vehicles to their employees for different reasons as:

  • Employees need mobility to meet with clients or customers, as vendors, account managers or supervisors. One company car per employee is really expensive.
  • Employer branding becomes more and more important. Allowing employees the private use of business cars for a small amount of money makes an employer more attractive.
  • Optimizing the vehicles’ usage is not only cheaper for the company but also healthier for the cars if they are not only standing around on weekends.

Case 1: Corporate carsharing vehicles

In the case of those companies where employees have corporate car sharing, the logistics behind can include a few individuals or a large number of employees using the same cars. The administration and management of a large number of drivers and vehicles is a challenge to every fleet manager since many complications can occur with the vehicles or with the drivers. It is important to mention that since the vehicles belong to the company, the legal obligations belong to the company as well. Therefore it is important to maintain the vehicles in optimal conditions but to also check and update the drivers' information.

Case 2: Company’s cars

Companies also provide cars to their most important employees as a benefit. In this case, corporate cars are assigned to each individual for their daily use in business and personal matters. The employees are just set to pay the taxes for their vehicle but this is still owned by the company. Same here: the company has the obligation of maintaining the vehicle and provide it with all legal requirements, including the check of its employees' drivers licenses.

The mandatory checks of drivers licenses

In both cases, drivers licenses play a key role.
For companies with corporate cars and corporate car sharing in Germany, it is mandatory by law to check the driver’s licenses of its employees every six months to ensure that the license is valid and the employee is permitted to drive.

This regulation applies to all companies that own vehicles that are driven by employees since it’s in the organization liability any accident or occurrence that those vehicles are involved in. Companies with corporate cars should be particularly interested in following this regulation since the liability is taking not just on the organization, but on the CEO and it can resolve in high fines, suspension or even imprisonment. For more details about the about this regulation also visit the Federal Ministry and Consumer Protection website.

fleetster’s solution for corporate car sharing and automatic key box

Aware of the logistic challenge and serious repercussions of this regulation, fleetster has developed different features to help its customers to check their employees’ drivers licenses.

For customers with corporate cars, an alert can be set up every six months to remind the fleet manager (or person in charge) that it is time for the drivers' license check. This alert system can prevent overlooking the regulation and keeps all drivers licenses update.

Software fleetster
Software fleetster

Alarms in fleetster

For organizations with corporate car sharing software, fleetster offers to the key manager the option to review the driver's license of the employee every time a vehicle key is picked up.

Software fleetster
Software fleetster

Key management in fleetster

And, for those companies with an automatic key box, fleetster offers the possibility to install an RFID reader. An RFID sticker needs then to be placed on the driver license of every employee. Those stickers, combined with the setting a user needs to identify at the keybox with PIN and RFID sticker, makes it impossible to release a vehicle’s key without a driver license.

fleetster corporate carsharing software, fleet manager software

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