Corporate Carsharing on the rise

Corporate Carsharing on the rise

14. Feb 2019 | By Tim Ruhoff

In the future, the TenneT TSO GmbH will manage their pool vehicles with fleetster not only in Bayreuth, but also at three other locations.

For six months the Dutch electricity supply company has tested the fleetster's corporate carsharing software at the German position Bayreuth in everyday use.

In the six months approximately 1,000 bookings were made by 1,200 users and with the 8 pool cars in total 370,000 kilometres were travelled. After this intensive test, TenneT has decided to use fleetster at other locations.

Especially the excellent customer service and the continuous improvement of the software convinced TenneT, according to Alexander Schäfer (strategic purchasing).

TenneT is also looking forward to the next new feature that soon fully implements fleetster: the car rental booking. With this will be possible that employees within fleetster can book rental cars, even if there are not enough pool cars. The car will be brought automatically at the correct time in the company parking lot and will be settled in accordance with the framework agreement.