Chaos in the fleet? Not with fleetster

Chaos in the fleet? Not with fleetster

14. Feb 2019 | By Tim Ruhoff

Vehicle failures are usually surprising and inconvenient. To prevent chaos and expensive reorganization fleetster now offers the function "automatically transfer".

Whether delay, electric car with a low range or motor vehicle damage - a vehicle can fail for a short or long time for many reasons, and that is usually surprising. Replacement must be found immediately, bookings must be postponed and rescheduled.

fleetster now automatically handles the complex organization and provides the necessary overview: If there is still enough time, the user gets informed firstly about the delay and time-delayed the administrators who manually move the booking or book a replacement vehicle.

Of course, fleetster displays all currently free vehicles to do this. If an alternative is disposable, an available vehicle is booked at the latest if the user wants to pick up his keys. In the unlikely event that a vehicle is not available for an upcoming booking, the system will alert all concerned by e-mail (SMS if desired).

No talking around, no editing of complex lists, no chaos in the planning - that enables the timely response without much hassle and saves time and nerves!