10 reasons why fleet vehicle management with fleetster works better than with an Outlook calendar

7. Jan 2019 | By Tim Ruhoff

In order to manage the vehicles of a fleet, which may use by several coworkers, there are different possibilities. An Excel spreadsheet, Outlook calendar, or a simple paper calendar. If an employee now wants to book one of these vehicles, there are again different processes. For example, he or she has to make a phone call, fill in a form or write an e-mail - creativity knows no bounds. So each company has found a system for itself with which it manages its fleet. What can seem absolutely the best it is usually not. All these options were originally not developed for vehicle management.

The 10 most important functions that our corporate car sharing software offers in contrast to an Outlook calendar can be found here

  • Double booking impossible. nothing is more annoying than a double booking with one vehicle, especially with two important customer appointments. this annoyance is already pre-programmed and cannot happen to you with fleetster. in our system it is impossible for two people to book a vehicle for the same period of time
  • Automatic rebooking of vehicles in case of delays If a driver is late, fleetster immediately searches for alternatives for the subsequent booking If another vehicle is still available, fleetster automatically rebooks the trip so that the booking can take place despite the delay of the predecessor If no other vehicle is available, fleetster immediately sends a message to the administrator so that he can react accordingly and search for solutions
  • In the key management fleetster also takes over the key issue and return, so that no one can lose track of which key is currently where. In addition, the person responsible for the key management has an extra view, in which he has all important information at a glance
  • Driver's license check as part of the owner's liability You are obligated by all drivers before each trip or every 6 months to check the driver's license. This process is firmly anchored in fleetster and can no longer be forgotten. And offers you more security
  • Automatic logbook. if you manage all your journeys via fleetster, you can easily export and print out your logbook at the end of the year at the touch of a button. it has never been so easy to keep a complete and clean logbook!
  • Graphical disposition of vehicles. fleetster provides you with all vehicle bookings at a glance and allows you to move and arrange all bookings in this view, the booking calendar, in the way that makes the most sense for your company and for all users. Overlapping bookings are also excluded here
  • Optimisation of bookings according to costs. this new function is the so-called "fleetster magic" function. with one click on this button fleetster arranges all bookings as cheaply as possible. this way you can save me money - without limiting your mobility
  • Booking of vehicle categories. As an alternative to booking specific vehicles, you also have the option of letting your employees book only vehicle categories. fleetster thus allocates all bookings to as few vehicles as possible - and shows you your savings potential at a glance
  • Automatic reports that show potential savings In addition, you will find an analysis function with which you have all the data of your fleet with one click How many bookings were made, how expensive they were, how many vehicles were needed and when, are just a few examples of analyses that are automatically available to you with fleetster
  • Appointment dispatch for Outlook. So that your employees can also see all booking details at a glance, they have the option of having the vehicle booking sent to them as an Outlook appointment after each booking. This way you also have all appointments with fleetster in your Outlook calendar as usual

These are just a few advantages that fleetster has over the above mentioned ways of managing the fleet of companies. So it's definitely time to reconsider the pool vehicle management with Outlook, Excel or paper. We are happy to show you all functions of fleetster in an online demo. Of course you can test fleetster for 30 days free of charge and without obligation, to do so click here.