Panel discussion bfp Forum 2023

25. Oct 2023

Electromobility vs. eFuels: The Sustainable Choice

Tim Ruhoff took part in the panel discussion at the bfp Forum, where he spoke about the advantages of electromobility compared to eFuels. The discussion revolved around the advantages and disadvantages of electromobility compared to eFuels.

Tim Ruhoff emphasized the environmental and practical reasons why electric mobility is currently the better option and called for a critical review of individual mobility decisions in the context of current environmental impact and urban living environments. eFuels, he said, only make sense if there is an overproduction of green electricity - which is currently not the case. In addition, eFuels require 4.5 to 8 times more electricity than electric cars to travel the same distance.

At fleetster Reloaded on Nov. 16, Tim Ruhoff will present a summary and continue the discussion on sustainable mobility solutions.

bfp Forum
bfp Forum