10x Growth at fleetster

10x Growth at fleetster

1. Nov 2020 | By Tim Ruhoff

The B2B mobility platform from fleetster is ready for the next step.

The concept 10x

The concept of 10x is a relatively young term that emerged with the start-up boom of the last decade.

For many start-ups, massive and above all extremely rapid growth at the beginning of the company's history is the top priority on the agenda. Everything is subordinated to steady growth.

What is meant by 10x is the idea to structure the business strategy and daily activities in such a way that they can withstand a 10-fold increase in activity/size.

10x means to think bigger - think differently - and to think fundamentally about how to set up processes to make the company grow in the long run.

fleetster and 10x

The idea behind 10x is to change your perspective and ask yourself the question: What fundamental changes need to occur in order to grow tremendously (factor:10)?

This approach assumes that you can grow 10% / 20% / 30% with process improvements or more effort, but not by a factor of 10 (1,000%). So it is about changing the rules of the game or the framework factors.

At fleetster, there are two dimensions that need to be considered for such growth:

1. what do we have to do in marketing and sales to get so many vehicles into the system.
2. what do we have to change in our software to be able to work with 10 times more vehicles.

We had a breakthrough on point 2 this year.

Database speed
Optimizing a database is one of the core tasks of any software company. There are always ways to get a few percent speed out of it, but in part the effort to do so is significant.

As usage increases, so does processor utilization.

fleetster Vision 2021 - 10-fold growth
fleetster Vision 2021 - 10-fold growth

Processor utilization minimized to a fraction

In the area of database organization, we have conducted various experiments over the years to drastically reduce computing power. This fall, we succeeded in reducing processor utilization from 42% to 1.6%. The "work" a processor has to do to achieve the same result has thus been reduced by 26x. Users thus experience the system significantly faster than before, even with large amounts of data.

What does this mean?

With this adjustment, we are now very confident that we will not reach technical limits as we expand into other countries and many new fleets.

Processor optimization of fleetster
Processor optimization of fleetster