We are celebrating 10 years of fleetster

We are celebrating 10 years of fleetster

1. Apr 2020 | By Tim Ruhoff

10 years of accomplishments in the mobility area has given us some insights and some good memories.

10 years fleetster in 100 Seconds

fleetster celebrates its 10th anniversary in the company's history in 2020. We use this occasion to look back and review the past. Take a quick look at the last 10 years - founder and CEO, Tim Ruhoff, summarizes fleetster's development in 100 seconds.

How it all began

fleetster was born from the idea of making eMobility a tangible experience. Tim Ruhoff did this through many corporate events in which he presented one of the first Tesla Roadsters in Europe.

This led to the idea of offering companies a booking platform where they could efficiently book and organize their eVehicles. Unfortunately, there were not enough eVehicles in 2010 to support this. fleetster used the time to develop further and expanded the platform to include combustion engine vehicles and entered into partnerships with large partners such as Daimler and Telekom.

fleetster, today

After about 10 years, fleetster is now comfortably positioned among the best car sharing and fleet management platforms worldwide.

This year's 10th anniversary falls on April 1, 2020 - the peak of new corona infections in Bavaria. Therefore, the party, unfortunately, falls through, and fleetster is back to what it does best during these months: The development of efficient and customer-oriented products. Since 2020, fleetster's customers can look forward to new products such as BikeSharing, Driver's License Control, Logbook, and Geo & Tracking, which are now also part of the mobility platform operator's offer.