fleetster Public API

The fleetster public API allows partners to retrieve and structure data.

Vehicle Live Data

The vehicle data section gives you access to the live data from the fleetster car integration microservice. It consists of live data that was enhanced and streamlined, so different types of telematic devices are converted into standardized set of data points

Cars (static data)

The cars section allows to create, edit and delete vehicles in different accounts and their respective locations. It does NOT show live data.


Each account/company needs to set up at least one loaction where the vehicles are registered and are intended to be parked. It is also possible to have multiple locations in different countries. It is important to understand that they are always grouped by the company/account that they belong to.


Users can be business car owners, employess in a corporate car sharing scheme, customers in a public car sharing or drivers in a logitisics scenario- They are always referred to as users, but may have different rights to determine the extend of exposure they might have.


Bookings organize the usage of vehicles and allocate users for a certain time period to them. After a booking is completed, it also contains information about the the trip like mileage, cleanliness,etc.

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