What is a White Label?

We can provide our Software in your own brand standards as well. You can adapt colors, pictures and fonts, and sell fleetster (of course, you can also rename the tool) in your name. None of your customers will recognize that the software behind your system is fleetster. Our Munich-based software team is also happy to develop individual features or apps for you that fit exactly your needs.

fleetster IN YOUR DESIGN

fleetster software in your design
Within 2 weeks fleetster can develop a "design theme" of the fleetster platform.
It changes the appearance of all screens and features in the web, so your customers think it is your software.
We can deploy the apps to your app store account or to ours.

fleetster BUT IN YOUR NAME

fleetster software in your name
Communication with your customers happens in your name.
Through DNS Settings, we can make the software appear on your domain.
Push notifications and emails are sent in your name.

We make your business successful

Cloud Software

Cloud Software

Our cloud software has three major advantages. First, the software is available all over the world, you only need a browser. Second, it does not matter how many users and vehicles are in the system, it scales up automatically. And third, we host the software on secure German servers only.

ios and android apps

International Experience

Currently, our customers are from Europe, US, Latin America, Australia, New Zealand and more are about to come. We can provide your white label solution in more than 6 languages and you can add more languages if you want.

Icon - Support

Data security

Our goal is to provide an intuitive software that does not need any support. This is a long-term process. Of course, we offer support to you and your customers. Our team is always happy to help.

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Reliable Software

We make sure that your software is always available and working for you and your customers. This is ensured by a regular backup service, permanent healthchecks and a reliable alarm system. We are happy to sign a service level agreement with our white label partners.


Data security

Data security is very important to us. We host our software exclusively in Germany, conducting penetration tests and keeping our standards high. Our data security officer is happy to provide more detailed information.


Icon - one mobility platform

Control Tower

The control tower is the central control of your system. You can manage your customers, support them when problems appear, translate the fleetster system and activate features for your customers.

Icon - App Store

App Store

The app store (or fleetster mobility platform) is the most important area for your customers. This is where they book cars, manage users, vehicles and locations, analyse the vehicles' usage... and everything in your design.

ios and android apps

iOS and Android Apps

Of course, we also provide our mobile apps in your design. We can also publish them in your own app store/play store account, if you want. Companies using the carsharing kit can also open and close vehicles via the apps!

Successful projects

Icon - one mobility platform
Public Carsharing
Our public carsharing software is predestined for a white label solution. Providing your carsharing system in your name makes a lot of sense. The most complex case is e.g. hey earl that is a public carsharing with electric vehicles. The most extraordinary example is definitely morbitzer who offers towing vehicles to the public.
Logistics Software
In logistic companies many drivers have access to a lot of vehicles. Key management, damages, gasoline cards and many topics are difficult to manage and often not transparent. These are the same challenges that fleet managers face with pool cars in corporate car sharing systems. The main difference is that drivers in logistic companies do all their trips as a part of their job. Furthermore, they have prescribed trips. fleetster has adjusted the software so that logistic cars and drivers can be managed as easy as possible.
Icon - one mobility platform
Icon - one mobility platform
Parking Lot Management
There are two options in fleetster to manage your parking lots. One option is to take the "normal" fleetster portal and instead of vehicles you add parking lots. Your employees can then book those parking lots. The second option is to use the so called 'park roulette' that assigns parking lots to your employees randomly. This is especially interesting for companies that do not have enough parking lots for everybody.
Vehicle Services
This is a special topic of interest for car manufacturers. Selling only vehicles feels a bit 'oldschool'. It becomes more and more interesting to also sell services along with a car. Thanks to great partners and our own booking tool, we can offer services like cleaning, sharing and even parcel delivery to trunks.
Icon - one mobility platform
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