fleetster Reloaded 2020

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fleetster Reloaded 2020 - the Corona Edition via video from home

In 2020, fleetster Reloaded takes on a slightly different format due to existing restrictions. Instead of holding a live event in Munich this year, as usual, we will produce a video recording of the keynote speech by Tim Ruhoff (fleetster founder & CEO) and send it to interested parties.

In the run-up to the event, you have the possibility to express your interest by clicking on the link below to receive the video and watch it in your own 4 walls. Equipment, content, and design are already in the works, so the video will be recorded in December and sent to the fleetster family & friends.

watch fleetster reloaded 2020 comfortably from home

fleetster Reloaded Agenda 2020

Like every year we want to use the Reloaded Event to give our partners, customers and interested parties an overview of fleetster and the past year. 2020 was a very special year for all of us, which is why the Corona Edition has produced some very interesting data and insights.

Many have described the Corona period as a so-called downtime - at fleetster we have been able to use this time to launch many new products. For example, the BikeSharing, the Driver's License Check, the electronic Driver Log and even our Geo & Tracking feature are now part of the new product portfolio.

A lot has also happened with the hardware partnerships - because the partnership with the market leader Geotab, announced in October, also has certain implications on fleetster's portfolio.

Tim Ruhoff will explain this and much more in the fleetster Reloaded 2020 video and give an outlook on the fleetster journey in 2021.

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