Driver training according to UVV

The electronic accident prevention regulation (UVV) supports fleet managers in their daily routine. The check according to UVV can be done with the help of fleetster.

Digital UVV inspection from fleetster

The UVV check is divided into two parts: a learning / refresher part with several categories and a questionnaire.

The digital check according to UVV not only saves fleet managers work, time and from keeping further lists, it also gives him the security of having every user instructed and in view. He can view and determine the intervals as well as the reminders for the UVV inspection himself in just a few clicks.


Each user can thus receive adequate safety training at least once a year, without any time expenditure for the fleet manager, and this anywhere and at any time, regardless of whether the user is working directly on site or remotely.

How does the digital UVV check work?

The UVV check is set up in fleetster in just a few clicks.

The fleet manager determines how often the UVV must be performed by a user / driver per year. If the UVV test is activated by the fleet manager, he can request stored drivers to perform the UVV test by clicking on it. The driver is informed directly by e-mail and can do the UVV check immediately. However, the user is automatically requested to perform a UVV test at the latest during the next / first booking, if he has not already done so. This also applies to each newly created user.

This way only instructed users can book and drive a vehicle.

The digital UVV is launched with teaching material of all important topics, including, for example, correct load securing, things to consider before driving, knowledge about external influences, through to explanations of electric & hybrid vehicles and bicycles.

Once the user has refreshed his knowledge, he is asked a series of multiple-choice questions for verification. Only if all the questions are answered correctly, he passes the UVV check and can use a vehicle.

UVV inspection features


Users and administrators receive a reminder when the UVV inspection is due.

Legally secure

With our UVV inspection, you comply with the legal requirements.

Digital process

Both the training and the test run digitally.

UVV inspection

With the UVV inspections, fleet managers can now also fulfil their owner duty of the UVV in fleetster.
per user, per month

Driving license photo & UVV test

We offer the driver's license and UVV inspection as a package. Instead of €1.00, both products together cost only €0.75 per user per month.
per user, per month

How do I fulfill the operational control obligation of my drivers?

When companies operate a fleet or provide vehicles to their employees, this also entails a number of control obligations. These control obligations can generally be delegated to a fleet manager.

If a fleet manager leaves a commercial vehicle or passenger car in the hands of an employee who has not received valid UVV instruction, he or she may face criminal prosecution. In the event of accidents resulting in personal injury or property damage, civil claims may also follow.

Therefore, it is important for a fleet manager to regularly check the UVV instruction and to file it in a legally secure system.

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