Terms & Conditions Management

Our brand-new legal documents function allows you to control the contract details and terms of service for your business or private travel.

The impact can be found on three different sections

  1. On user profile: Terms of service, as well as the other Legals documents are present on user's profile. With a simple click, the user can open/read and download them.
  2. On the mobile process: While using the mobile app in order to book a trip, the user may need to accept the Terms and Conditions. The documents can be downloaded, read thoroughly before they are accepted - after this the booking is created successfully. The Terms and Conditions can be read again from the Profile tab - Legals.
  3. On user registration/invitation: When a new user registers on fleetster and creates the account there will also be the need to accept the Terms And Conditions in order to be able to create a booking.

This new feature helps control what needs accepting during user invitation and registration as well as any other document visible in the profile's legals section.

When booking a car, the user needs to accept Terms and Conditions before proceeding, as well from the web and mobile app.

New Booking Contracts section in the Platform

The Booking Contracts section is for all the contracts and legal documents you need to maintain your business.

The Standard Documents
section includes every document that's accepted in businesses, while with Drag-and-Drop option, users can create their own agreement contract by choosing a template from this section.
The Legals Document are also sorted as per topics so they're easy to find, which means no more time wasted on searching through lengthy documents of unwanted information:

  • General Terms & Conditions
  • Data Processing Contract
  • Service Level Agreement
  • Imprint

The Terms & Conditions can be read and accepted while creating a booking

Once the users want to read Terms and Conditions, they can do so by clicking on a download sign that appears right next to it, and they are taken to a new page where they can read Terms and Conditions.