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Total Cost of Ownership

Gain clarity on critical factors such as financing costs, fuel costs and much more.


Was sind Total Cost of Ownership?

Total cost of ownership in the fleet refers to the total costs associated with operating and maintaining a fleet of vehicles. These costs include a variety of factors over the lifetime of the vehicles.

In the dynamic world of fleet management, understanding the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) is vital to making informed decisions, but getting this elusive figure can be a challenge as it requires delving into a multitude of details.

Fleet managers are aware of the importance of Total Cost of Ownership, encompassing expenses ranging from vehicle acquisition and maintenance to fuel consumption and financing, but capturing accurate TCO data is often a complex puzzle that requires attention to detail.


Total Cost of Ownership in fleetster

Our solution simplifies TCO analysis by using state-of-the-art technology. Through invoice scanning, we extract key details that provide insight into your fleet's financial landscape. With this comprehensive data, you gain clarity on critical factors such as financing costs, fuel costs and individual events that impact your TCO.

Imagine knowing exactly how much was spent on finance or fuel in a given period. With our system, you can pinpoint expenses and access specific events and related invoices. For example, you can track expenses related to a specific refueling event, understanding the nuances of the corresponding invoice.

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