Rental Software by fleetster

Name your origin and destination, and let our cloud-based software do the rest.

Software for rental companies

Basically, rental software is very similar to what fleetster already does: It is just a combination of category booking and a public registration process.

As a rental provider, you have several stations that are normally known by the customer. So, you do not really need to explain on the map where these stations are (as for example for Public Car Sharing). And you have a lot of cars on one station – at least that's the case of most of the rental companies. As you have so many cars, you are not actually renting out the one car but you are renting out categories.

You ask your customer to select one category (category-booking in fleetster) and whatever is available in that category by the time the customer gets to your station is what he is going to get. It is not coming as a surprise that this process looks quite similar to the ones from other rental companies because we don't want anybody to think what they are supposed to do here - just feel natural.
It is just a normal rental system and how that works is clear to most users anyway.

Mobility Sharing Software

fleetster is one platform – rental just a different feature. All our products, like

  • Corporate Car Sharing Software
  • Software for public Car Sharing
  • Fleet Management Software

are available in one single system. You just have to switch on different apps and features.