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This fast and reliable payment method offers a convenient way to process payments easily and securely.


Giropay advantages and disadvantages

Giropay is a system that can be used with some German banks.

Here are the advantages over SEPA:

  • No chargebacks: Once payments have been made, they cannot be reversed by the customer, which reduces the risk of fraud for merchants.
  • Immediate transaction confirmation: Merchants receive instant payment confirmation, allowing them to process orders immediately without waiting for funds to clear.
  • Security: Giropay is very secure as it works directly through the user's online banking system and there is no need to enter credit card details or personal information on merchant sites.
  • User friendliness : It is uncomplicated for users, as no registration or setting up of a separate account is required; any customer with online banking can use Giropay.

And here are the disadvantages

  • Limited availability: Giropay is only available to customers of certain German banks.
  • No international framework : Mainly serves German consumers and does not support international transactions as extensively as SEPA.
  • Dependence on bank participation : The effectiveness and availability of Giropay depend on whether a customer's bank supports this payment option.

Pay with Giropay

We have introduced a new payment method to make your transactions smoother and more secure. After the use of SOFORT as a payment method was no longer possible, we are pleased to introduce Giropay as a new SEPA alternative.

With Giropay, you can ensure that the money arrives immediately in the provider's account and chargebacks are no longer possible. This fast and reliable payment method offers a convenient way to process payments easily and securely.

In particular, we would like to draw the attention of our customers who use car sharing services via Fleetster to the advantages of Giropay. Giropay not only allows you to pay for your journeys conveniently, but also ensures that your payments are booked immediately so that you can get on the road quickly.

Giropay in fleetster
Giropay in fleetster

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