Software Product Portfolio

fleetster is a B2B mobility software. Fleet Management, Car Sharing and Driver's License Check are only parts of our platform and we are constantly growing. See here which products we have added to our portfolio in 2020.

Fleet Management

The Fleet Management module helps companies and mobility providers to sort all information of their vehicle fleet and to automate processes increasingly. Once a certain level of transparency is achieved, the functions help to save time and money and allow to transfer tasks to external providers via outsourcing.

The core of the solution is the management of vehicle data in a digital vehicle file. But our functions also include Damage Management, Penalty Management, Reminders, Procurement Management and much more. All data can be easily imported and exported via CSV. In addition, an application programming interface (short API) enables the exchange of data with the customer's databases.

Corporate Car Sharing

Pool vehicle management and Corporate Car Sharing are the same topics for us. The initial idea to found fleetster was to integrate electric vehicles into fleets. For this purpose, we needed a booking software which would allow to simply share these electric vehicles: the idea of Corporate Car Sharing was born with the goal being to transfer all Outlook or Excel managed pool vehicles into a proper booking software.

In addition to the software, the pool vehicle management process can be almost completely automated. With our electronic key cabinets, the key release and return for each vehicle can be automated. With an OBD telematics unit, data from the vehicle can be transferred automatically. The high-end solution in this context is the Car Sharing Kit, where the vehicles can even be opened via smartphone.

Electronic Driver Log

The Electronic Driver Log of fleetster was developed for vehicle fleets.

It differs from other providers, especially in the data quality, the option to installation OBD telematics units in the vehicle, and the deep integration in complex use cases, such as pool vehicle usage.

The Driver Log can work with different data sources from the vehicle and is certified for tax office conformity.

Electronic Driver's License Check

Especially in small to medium-sized companies, the vehicle fleet is often underestimated. Too often, no one is appointed to be responsible for fleet management, but the reception, secretary or, in the worst case, the management itself takes care of the fleet.

In terms of organizational issues, this can be fine up to a certain size, but for tasks with possible legal consequences, it is very risky. Driver's license checks are part of fleet management because of owner liabilities and should be documented urgently.

fleetster simplifies the process of Driver's License Checks and integrates the information into all other modules. For example, it is no longer possible to book a pool vehicle if you did not previously show a valid driver's license at the time.

Public Car Sharing

A few years ago we started the car sharing HeyEarl cooperating with the Stadtwerk.Regensburg. fleetster was awarded the contract at the time because the Stadtwerk.Regensburg was looking for a provider where the project team would control all processes itself.

deer e-car sharing also relies on fleetster and offers car sharing vehicles publicly at many locations in rural areas south of Stuttgart. Since 2020 there has even been the possibility to use car sharing services from Stuttgart Airport.

Another example of the use of public car sharing is the company mikar. mikar provides car sharing systems for customers in municipalities/communities, in housing estates and other use cases.

All of the partners mentioned and other public car sharers offer the software in a white-label - in their own design. Users can easily book, open and close the vehicles via fully customizable apps that reflect their corporate identity.

The installation of telematics units is recommended for the public car sharing solution from fleetster. Our integrated keyless access systems and easy payment processing create a high-quality user experience.

Geo & Tracking

This module is designed for fleet managers looking for a fleet tracking software solution. It is designed to solve known problems such as high fuel costs, driver productivity and theft protection.

With the Geo & Tracking module of fleetster, you get a live 360-degree overview of the movements of your vehicle fleet. In addition to live GPS positioning and route documentation, you also have the possibility to set notifications when vehicles enter or leave preset geo-zones. This provides a valuable basis for analysis and helps to reduce costs and increase productivity in the long term.

With our OBD telematics unit, we collect more than 250 different data points, enabling further analysis and optimization.

Payment Module for Car Sharing

The fleetster billing tool is mainly used in connection with public car sharing modules. During development, the main objective was to ensure that car sharing and mobility providers remain flexible in their billing and can control the entire process.

Therefore the payment module is divided into the components:
1. Billing

2. Accounting

3. Payment

The idea here is to give providers full control of and the option to add to each transaction, if applicable (e.g. due to damage, uncleanliness, etc.). The actual payment process is only initiated once all data has been checked.

However, this process does not have to take long and is used actively by many customers.

Bike Sharing

We believe that there are many bicycles in companies (e.g. on factory premises) where it is important to keep an overview and to work as cheaply as possible.

The Bike Sharing feature from fleetster does not require expensive hardware and can be operated with the help of a combination lock.

In the next stage of expansion, Bluetooth locks will also be integrated, which will further simplify the process.