No longer manage pool vehicles with Excel or Outlook

Why managing pool vehicles with Excel and Outlook is a thing of the past.

Disadvantages of managing the fleet with Excel or Outlook:

Limited functionality

Excel & Outlook offer limited functionality for managing a fleet of vehicles, which can lead to limitations in collecting, analyzing and processing vehicle data.

Manual effort

Managing a fleet with Excel or Outlook requires a lot of manual effort, which increases the risk of errors and makes the process inefficient.

Lack of automation

Tasks such as creating reports, monitoring maintenance intervals, or tracking vehicle utilization must be done manually, wasting time and resources.

Lack of integration

Integrating data from multiple sources and merging them into a single system is difficult with Excel and Outlook.

Difficult scalability

With Excel or Outlook, managing a growing fleet becomes increasingly complex and confusing.

Security risks

Excel or Outlook files can be vulnerable to security breaches, especially if sensitive information such as vehicle data or driver data is included.

Advantages of a software for pool vehicle management:

App & Web Bookings

Users can book pool cars directly from their smartphone or browser, and administrators can prevent bookings by setting specific permissions or authorizing bookings later.

Process & Automation

Booking a pool car also means checking driver's licenses or maintaining a logbook, all of which can be done entirely digitally in the software.

No double bookings

Nothing is worse than double booking a vehicle, especially during important customer appointments. This case does not occur bi the use of fleetster software, because it is impossible for two people to book the same vehicle at the same time.

Automatic reposting

If a driver is late, fleetster will look for alternatives to rebook. If another pool vehicle is available, fleetster will rebook the trip.

Key Management

fleetster takes care of the key handover so that keys do not get lost. You can also automate the key handover with the help of an Electronic Key Cabinet.

Data security

Since professional software assigns specific rights to specific roles, fleetster users can only see what they have access to. All data is stored in a high-security facility in Frankfurt.

These customers already manage their fleet digitally:

deer e-Carsharing

"Originally, we just wanted to manage our pool vehicles. The project was so successful that we started offering it to other companies. Today, we have over 150 locations."


"Using fleetster has paid off for us from day one - we are now saving 90% of our previous costs."

Athlon Car2Use

"Car2Use is our digital solution to integrate electric cars and innovative mobility services into fleets."


"Our 500 cars are parked at over 80 Telekom locations in Germany and are equipped with a CarSharing kit."

Das Stadtwerk Earl

"In line with our expectations, the leases were for 15,000 km/year. After 2 years, we returned the cars with over 100,000 km each."

Deutsche Post

CarSharing solution with electronic key cabinet, driver license control and single sign-on integration with Microsoft Azure AD.

VAN2SHARE by Daimler VAN

Dear claim of VAN2SHARE: The most trusted and innovative platform for managing and sharing commercial vehicles.

More customer references

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Stop managing poolcars with Excel & Outlook!

Companies often believe that Outlook or Excel is enough to manage pool vehicles in the fastest way, but in reality, maintaining the Excel document or Outlook calendar wastes a lot of time that can be better invested.

Overall, Excel and Outlook are limited as fleet management tools and can lead to inefficiencies, errors, and security risks. Companies that want to ensure effective and efficient fleet operations should invest in specialized fleet management solutions that offer more comprehensive features and automation. fleetster offers comprehensive software solutions in addition to pool vehicle management software.

Fleet Management

In addition to pool vehicles, many fleets also have a certain fleet that is assigned to specific employees. This is often referred to as company cars. In addition to pool vehicle management, the fleetster mobility platform also offers a module for the Fleet Management it is a comprehensive solution that helps companies effectively manage their fleet, reduce costs, increase productivity, and optimize vehicle usage.

Digital logbook

fleetster offers as an extension to the Pool vehicle management also a pool vehicle driver's logbook solution. Via a OBD connector vehicle data is collected, sent to the fleetster system and mapped in a driver's logbook. fleetster's digital driver's logbook provides accurate and automated collection of trip data. it enables precise documentation of business and private trips to meet tax requirements and reduce administrative overhead. if needed, administrators and users can create a tax compliant logbook export

Driver's license check

The fleet manager should ensure every 6 months that all drivers have a valid driver's license. fleetster offers for this the possibility of a Electronic driver's license control this can be done either manually, via photo upload on the smartphone or by an employee. The driver's license check is fully integrated into the fleetster mobility platform.

Automatic reports

These reports show you potential savings. fleetster creates an overview of all your fleet data. with just one click, you can find out how many bookings were made per day, how much revenue was generated by pool vehicles and how many vehicles were booked. in fleetster, administrators have a simple overview of all fleet and vehicle movements. they can see all bookings at a glance and can change and move bookings in the booking calendar so that the Management of the pool vehicles remains clear for all users.

Key management

fleetster takes care of the key handover so that keys do not get lost. The person responsible for key management has all the information at a glance.

Furthermore, there is the possibility of handing over the keys with the help of a Electronic key cabinet the key cabinet is a reliable solution for managing vehicle keys. Thanks to the documentation in fleetster's cloud system, you can always track where your keys and vehicles are and who last booked the vehicle.

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