Invoice Recognition

Our next-generation invoicing recognition system will help you to save time when processing invoices.

Invoicing Features

For larger fleets

With the fleetster invoice function, many vehicles can also be managed easily.

Scanning invoices

Invoices can be uploaded as a PDF file and will be scanned automatically by the fleetster system.

Saving important information

The module will detect all important information like invoice number, supplier, VAT, Payment period, Bank account information and the net total value.

More convenience with the invoicing module

Invoicing is becoming more convenient for fleet managers in the future. The module will save a lot of time especially when managing larger fleets and the amount of invoices coming in. In this video Tim Ruhoff gives a deeper look into what invoicing for fleet management could look like in the future. He explains the different features and functionalities as well as the idea behind the invoicing module.

Invoicing for fleet managers

Invoicing is a new feature within the fleet management software that will become an important new feature in 2023. The goal is to develop a tool with which fleet managers can easily manage all incoming invoices. A detailed overview of all invoices as well as upload functions will make the management of invoices even more convenient for fleet managers in the future.

The invoice feature will be especially important for larger fleet as many cars also means many invoices coming in. An invoice can then be easily uploaded via PDF. The system reads the invoice and detects all important information, including what was invoiced.

No more typing is necessary as the system will be able to upload all information by scanning the invoice, giving the fleet manager a better overview of all incoming invoices.

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