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Traffic Fine Management

Keeps the overview when you no longer have it. Manage appeals, avoid escalation charges & identify fine hotspots.

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Penalties and fines - an annoying part of the everyday life of a fleet manager

Speeding tickets are common in the everyday life of a fleet manager. It requires fast processing of received fines, parking tickets and appeals. It is important to document them properly for later reference, as well as to analyze the data to counteract abnormalities.

We explain how to deal with speeding tickets, what has to be considered and what consequences can threaten if the management of parking tickets in the fleet is not carried out properly.

Penalties and Fines

After a company car user has committed a traffic offence, the company, as the vehicle owner, first receives an information request form via post or Email. The request form is sent out because authorities usually cannot clearly identify the driver in vehicle fleets and therefore demand clarification from vehicle owners. Besides, the form usually informs the owner about the offence and names possible consequences such as fines or driving bans. The form is supplemented by information such as the date and time of the offence and the license plate number of the vehicle.

To comply with his obligations and to avoid possible consequences for fleet management, the fleet manager should process the request form immediately. The obligations of the vehicle owner to cooperate play a decisive role: the return of the request form to the authorities should be documented. This documentation enables the fleet management to prove that it has complied with its obligations to cooperate.

The disclosure of the name and address of the permanently assigned company car driver or the pool vehicle user at the time of the offence is permissible in terms of data protection, provided it serves to protect legitimate interests. A legitimate interest is, for example, the avoidance of a logbook edition according to § 31a StVZO (German Law). If the fleet management refuses to provide information on the vehicle user, the obligatory driver log may be a consequence.

It is recommended to inform the respective driver so that she/he can prepare himself for a possible fine or other consequence.

Parking tickets in vehicle fleets
Parking tickets in vehicle fleets

Personal consultation

Our fleet experts are available for a personal consultation. Benefit from the expert knowledge of our team and discuss all open questions and uncertainties regarding the requirements of your fleet.

Personal consultation with our fleet experts
Personal consultation with our fleet experts

Actionable options for the fleet manager

There are several ways for the fleet manager to deal with parking ticket management; all of them are completely legal and differ simply in the type and quality of service a fleet manager wants to offer.

Option 1: The parking ticket is forwarded to the driver.

From the driver's point of view, this option is very convenient - from the fleet management's point of view, it is quickly processed. However, it involves a great risk: If the driver does not pay the fine, the owner is responsible for the resulting fines or points.

Option 2: The parking ticket is returned to the authorities.

From the driver's point of view, this has less of a service character - at the same time, it is the safest option for the owner. The rest of the procedure now takes place directly between the authority and the driver.

Option 3: The parking ticket is paid for by the company.

This should be waived, as the owner is responsible for all resulting fines, points and driving bans.

What are the actionable options for fleet managers when receiving a fine?
What are the actionable options for fleet managers when receiving a fine?

Detect abnormalities - counteract early

All 3 actionable options bear advantages and disadvantages, and which way a fleet manager goes, is completely up to him/her.

Unaffected by this remains, however, the importance of the appropriate documentation of all parking tickets and fines. This is the only way for you as a vehicle owner to protect yourself from legal consequences and additional administrative fees.

However, this documentation obligation should not only be seen as a vice or harassment but rather as an opportunity to regularly evaluate data and key figures and to counteract abnormalities regarding the company's drivers at an early stage.

Parking ticket Management with fleetster - Why not using a software?

fleetster's mobility platform is vast and offers, besides essential packages like Corporate Car Sharing, the electronic Logbook and the Driving Licence Check, also a sophisticated feature for the management of traffic fines and parking tickets within the Fleet Management Software package Organizer.

When parking tickets enter the process, master data such as issuing authority, date, time, amount of fine and above all the facts of the offence are listed. As soon as license plates are entered, potential drivers are listed. You can also see at a glance all previously committed traffic and parking offences.

For each driver, a profile is created as a basis for statistical evaluations or bonus systems. This means that the fleet manager can view any previous irregularities and draw appropriate conclusions. For example, you can invite notorious speeders to a training course on driving safety.

Parking ticket management as part of the fleetster mobility platform
Parking ticket management as part of the fleetster mobility platform

Traffic fine management is part of fleetster fleet management software

The parking ticket management is part of the fleetster product fleet management. In addition to this feature, the fleet management also includes a digital vehicle file, damage management, task and schedule management, and can be linked to hardware for automation.

For more information about fleetster fleet management, either register for an online demo or click on the link below.

fleet management from fleetster
fleet management from fleetster