Task management in the fleet

Manage tasks in fleetster. Assign tasks to other users and keep track of all pending or completed tasks.

How to manage tasks in fleetster

All tasks at a glance

See all tasks that are pending or have already been completed in the task overview.

Task details

Add new tasks and set title, due date, priority and category.

Set reminders

Set reminders for tasks. Choose email or push notification and the frequency of the reminder.

Assign tasks to users

Tasks can be assigned to users, vehicles and also locations. The user then sees the task in his own tasks and is reminded.

Set rules

Set rules on how tasks must be completed, for example, uploading a document may be necessary to complete the tasks.

Import task lists

Import different types of tasks that you or your users need to perform.

Managing tasks in fleetster has never been so easy!

With the tasks in fleetster, tasks can be assigned directly to users, so that no tasks are forgotten. The reminder function ensures that the user is reminded daily of the task until he has completed it. It is also possible to add photos and documents. If the administrator sets a task for a user, he is automatically notified and can complete the task immediately and without loss of time directly in the fleetster system by uploading photos or documents, for example.

You also want to manage your tasks in fleetster?

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