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Service and Repairs in your fleet

Damage management of your fleet is complicated. fleetster's service & repair module allows you to communicate service appointments with drivers, assign repairs to vehicles, and track their completion.

Service und Reparatur Software

Service and Repairs in your fleet - this is how it works!

The software module Service & Repairs comes into play on the one hand when vehicles need to be serviced, and on the other hand when vehicles have been involved in an accident and repairs need to be processed. fleetster's Service and Repairs module allows you to keep all data in your web application in a structured and location-based manner and to actively influence the damage or service processing as required. fleetster thus creates an overview of service and repair appointments. Create new appointments and assign them to vehicles and service providers. Change the status of the repair or service from New to Planned, to Processing, Finished, and Paid. Of course, there is a corresponding option to add the appointments to a subcategory, so that the overview is even easier for you.

Service and Repairs as part of the claims management process

Accidents in the fleet are unavoidable, and such an accident is accompanied by many processes that affect various parties, including the insurance company, the repair service provider and the company's internal controlling.

Due to the large number of parties involved, organising the settlement is complicated. For example, you have to report damage to the insurance company, instruct experts, obtain estimates and organise repairs. In addition, a replacement vehicle often has to be organised so that the employee can continue to be mobile.

fleetster supports with the service and repair module the handling of appointments and the communication with drivers. In the current version we create the overview for you, in the future fleetster will also integrate third party providers in the software, so that your process is simplified to the maximum.

Service and Repairs
Service and Repairs

Fleet Management from fleetster - the solution for every fleet manager

In addition to service and repair management, fleetster fleet management offers holistic coverage of the vehicle life cycle in the fleet. fleetster software can map all processes, from procurement to mileage management to resale.

Whether your fleet consists of a single or multiple vehicle types, we can provide fleet management software that maximizes the value of each vehicle.

Fleet Management from fleetster
Fleet Management from fleetster