Vehicle procurement in the fleet

The fleetster software for fleet management and the procurement of new vehicles in the fleet.

Procurement of new vehicles in the fleet

With fleetster, the fleet manager has an overview of the procurement of new vehicles at all times. Extensive databases support the cost calculation - also in the question of upgrading and converting to e-mobility.

Our software for fleet management fleetster supports you already at the first step, the needs analysis. Determine your needs easily and quickly with the help of our software solution based on usage data and logbooks.

Digitize the entire acquisition process and reduce costs and time.

Procurement of new vehicles made easy

Overview procurement process

Purchase launch, delivery status, contracts, etc. are all acessable through the software.

List of all current order processes

View all current orders, user data, etc, and check the status

Save documents

All important documents are digitally available to the fleet manager and can be stored directly in the system.

Communication with drivers & providers

All the details discussed can be stored in the order process, so no more information is lost.

Reminder of leasing contracts

It is possible to specify when the fleet manager should receive a reminder about the end of the lease or the ideal time to sell the vehicle, as early as at the time of fleet entry.

Delivery dates

Overview of planned delivery dates and deviations so that there are no sudden surprises.

A complete overview

Procuring new vehicles for the fleet can become very complex.

People often ask themselves questions like:

  • Which vehicle is needed for which task?
  • How much time does it take to get quotes from the wide range of vehicles?
  • How do I maintain an overview when new vehicles are purchased simultaneously and for different employees?
  • What do I need to consider when purchasing new vehicles? Have I thought of everything?

Here, too, the software from fleetster supports you extensively. With the fleet management software, you as a fleet manager always have an overview of where you stand - even with many vehicles.

Just follow the steps in the software.

fleetster optimizes the procurement process

  • Procurement of new vehicles is made clear and comprehensible.
  • As a fleet manager, you always maintain an overview.
  • You have a meaningful data base to properly assess mobility needs.
  • Convert the newly acquired vehicle into a digital vehicle file with one click.