Pro Package - Fleet Management

The starter package of the smart vehicle management software from fleetster - automate your vehicles and fleet and say goodbye to Excel

Pro Package - Vehicle Management Software

With the fleetster software, all important data about the vehicle is stored in the form of a digital vehicle file. The different usage options are also recorded. Whether you provide your employees with a company car, assign fixed pool vehicles or generally keep pool vehicles that employees use as needed, with fleetster all options are covered.

With fleetster's vehicle management software, you have an overview of your drivers and vehicles, whether cars, trucks or construction equipment. Is a vehicle available? When is the next maintenance due? Where are the fuel receipts? Fleet managers are confronted with these questions every day. If you're not well organized, it's hard to keep track of all the issues. Especially since the subject of fleet management is usually only dealt with in addition to the actual main job of a fleet officer. To have an overview of the drivers and the vehicles, a vehicle management software can be useful. What advantages such a software brings and what other options it offers, will be discussed below.

Fleet Management Software - Pro Package

Digital Vehicle File

The heart of fleet management: all vehicle-relevant data in one place, exportable and editable at any time.


This feature provides an overview of your drivers and assigned vehicles that can be called up at any time.


So that all vehicle-relevant documents are in one place. Deposit leasing contracts, police reports and much more.


fleetsters procurement management provides a simple overview of newly acquired vehicles.


All relevant accident and damage information in one place. Document damage from origin to repair.


The task management supports you with daily appointments and lets you not forget anything.

Automatic Tasks

This feature allows you to create tasks for each vehicle that can be triggered at a specific time.


Add and manage your invoices and assign them to a single vehicle or a group of vehicles.

Refuelling Detection

Indispensable tool in the fleet. Assign fuel cards to existing drivers and vehicles.

Gasoline Data Import

Keep track of the fuel consumption in your fleet.

Fuel Card Management

Assigning Fuel Cards to vehicles or drivers and recording the costs related to them.

Complete Overview

fleetster's software stores all the important data of the vehicle in the form of a digital vehicle file. This also records the different ways in which the vehicle can be used. Whether you provide your employees with a company car, assign fixed pool vehicles or generally maintain pool vehicles that employees use as needed, with fleetster all options are covered.

The digital vehicle file, all important information about the vehicle is stored in a compact form. This includes general vehicle data such as the vehicle type or age, as well as the vehicle history, such as the mileage of the vehicle or the damage and defects that have occurred over time. In addition, all contracts and documents relating to the vehicle are also stored, so that the information is immediately visible to everyone and direct access is possible without having to rely on additional documents.

In this way, conflicts can be avoided because data cannot be found or additional work takes too long. The effort is thus significantly reduced. This saves a lot of time and the vehicles can be managed independently from anywhere in the world, as the data is stored in a cloud. This also means that no storage space is used on the company's servers. Furthermore, there is the vehicle management app so that all data can be viewed and edited via smartphone.


Not only the vehicles have to be managed, but also the drivers. The company must be able to prove that the drivers have received the necessary training. This training can also be carried out online and documented in the software as completed. In addition, it is also necessary to regularly check the driver's license of the drivers. This can be particularly difficult if the employees are on the road in the field. Here, the software from fleetster offers a corresponding solution to carry out and document the driver's license check via the system.

In addition, the system automatically informs the driver via app or email that the driver's license must be presented again. In addition, legal requirements such as driving and rest times must be observed. These are also mapped via the software and can be documented in a legally compliant manner.

Likewise, for vehicle management, it is possible to keep a digital logbook that can be submitted to the tax office, which also saves a lot of time and documentation effort.

Vehicle Management Software from fleetster - the Fleet Management Pro Package

The fleetster vehicle management software helps companies to optimally manage their data of drivers and vehicles. All data from car type to driving time to costs can be tracked and quickly evaluated. This makes workflows more efficient and saves costs. In addition, the automatic reminder function means that important dates for maintenance or general inspections are no longer missed.

If your processes are not fully mapped in the software, it is always possible to add customer-specific functions.