Enterprise Package - Fleet Management

The full version of the smart fleet software from fleetster. Enterprise supports fleet managers of large fleets and helps to stay on top of things

Enterprise Package - Fleet Software

Managing fleets, whether with cars, trucks or commercial vehicles, is not limited to the procurement of vehicles. Deadline monitoring, contract management or damage management are just some of the topics that are part of the job. All of these tasks make fleet management very time-consuming. In addition, numerous laws must be observed, such as the Road Traffic Act or the Data Protection Act. To cover the variety of topics requires well-structured processes in a company. Especially when handling large fleets it is difficult to keep track. fleetster provides help for every fleet manager through the fleet management software. Thus, a digital vehicle file is created for each vehicle, which contains all master data such as mileage, vehicle type, but also the vehicle contracts. It does not matter whether it is a rental, service or leasing contract.

The data for each vehicle and driver is stored securely in a cloud. This means that, on the one hand, no storage space is consumed on the company's own servers and, on the other, the data can be viewed and edited from anywhere in the world. All the important data on vehicle and vehicle history, such as repairs or damage, can be found in one place. This also means that no documents are lost or have to be searched for first. As a result, all the data for meaningful reporting is available quickly and easily.

In addition to the vehicles, the software also stores the drivers and driver´s data, such as driver's license, administrative offenses and damage caused. This allows the HR department to access the data and, for example, enter new employees or view the necessary contracts for the calculation of imputed income. Furthermore, the data is digitally archived in a legally secure manner and can be accessed at any time required. So there are no mountains of paper taking up valuable space in the cupboards.

Fleet Software - Enterprise Package

Traffic Fines

fleetster's Traffic Fine Management assigns warnings and fine notices to your respective vehicles and drivers

Service & Repairs

Inform your drivers about upcoming service appointments and repairs and allocate vehicles accordingly

Leasing Control

We keep an eye on the mileage of your vehicles and warn if certain limits are exceeded

Total Cost of Ownership

The full overview of fleet costs - simply structured and understandable


Automatic reports in adequate design, which can be forwarded to the respective responsible person

Vehicle Life Cycle

Keep track of your vehicle life cycle from purchase to sale

OCR Invoices, Penalties & Receipts

Automatic recognition of uploaded document information such as costs and invoice items

Fleet Dashboard

The whole fleet at a glance - everything you need to know in one place

Gasoline Card Provider Integration

We integrate the largest German fuel card providers and offer automatic reporting via their APIs

Fleet Management Software from fleetster

A fleet management software offers numerous functions to control, organize and manage a vehicle fleet in a cost-conscious and efficient way. The fleet management software can be applied to all types of vehicles as well as different organizational structures, regardless of whether it is a company vehicle, a pool vehicle or a short-term rental. Moreover, not only the management of the own fleet is possible, but likewise that of customer fleets.

Cost control and time saving

The data and costs for each vehicle are stored transparently and can be viewed and edited by all people entrusted with fleet management. At the same time, the costs and contracts are clearly assigned to each vehicle. Thus, it is clear at a glance when contracts expire and when the company must react. Furthermore, the data can be extracted from the system for analysis. Cost drivers can be identified within just a few clicks and appropriate measures can be taken to reduce costs. Likewise, the potential savings become transparent through full cost control.

Since the data can also be viewed by financial accounting, for example, the department can pull it directly from the system for further processing. Processes are thus significantly streamlined and faster due to the more efficient exchange of information, which saves valuable time that can in turn be used for other activities. On top of that, the fleet management software also performs a plausibility check to uncover cost outliers or discrepancies that are overlooked in the hustle and bustle of daily business.

The fleet software has an interface connection to many types of systems, such as SAP, Datev or fuel card systems. For example, fuel card statements or repair invoices can be transferred to the system, which then automatically assigns them to the vehicles.

Deadline monitoring and damage management

Monitoring appointments is a time-consuming task in fleet management. In the course of a vehicle's life cycle, maintenance appointments, appointments for general inspections, driver's license checks, etc. must be observed. Keeping track of these appointments is not only difficult; missed appointments can also be expensive. The software has a reminder function that informs the user of the due date in the system, by e-mail or via mobile phone. The completed appointments can then be verified as completed in an audit-proof manner.

With the help of the software, it is also possible to manage workshops, damages and repairs. Thus, it is possible to coordinate repair appointments or maintenance appointments accordingly via the program.

Holder obligations and data protection

Meeting the legal requirements is not always easy, as the basic principles are constantly changing and are also associated with high regulatory penalties. In order to record the data quickly and in a legally secure manner, appropriate masks are stored in the software. In addition, forms can also be added to the system.

Furthermore, the fleet operator is reminded of his obligations as a owner, such as the regular driver's license check. In addition, the software automatically reminds the driver when the check is due. At the same time, the check can be documented in the system in a legally compliant manner. And the big advantage is that everything can be done electronically thanks to digitization and the possibilities of apps, so that the driver and fleet manager do not have to be at the same place and time-consuming appointment coordination is necessary.


The authorization structure also enables access and connection for external service providers, which optimizes workflows and communication processes.

Conclusion - Fleet management software from fleetster as a solution for your fleet

Fleetster's fleet management software offers a tailor-made solution for every company and its needs. The user thus has the greatest possible flexibility to implement his vehicle management in the software. A high quality of service can be guaranteed and costs are controlled with little effort. All data and documents as well as costs for the vehicle are displayed transparently in the system, which saves valuable working time. In addition, the cloud solution makes it possible to work in the system from anywhere in the world and at any time.