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Dispatching Software

The dispatching of employees and vehicles can be done by a central disposition in the web or by the employee himself. The fleetster booking platform supports you in your daily organization. Keep an overview of fuel and mileage, as well as cleanliness and reported damages. In addition, with fleetster you can also make the vehicles available to your employees for private trips.

Electronic Driver Log

Keeping Driver Logs is very time-consuming. In the event of a tax audit, incomplete Driver Logs can lead to high additional payments. With the help of an OBD-plug, the trips can be recorded and documented by the driver. The information can also be used in route documentation to prove patient visits.

Geo & Tracking

Care services often have to respond to unforeseeable emergencies. In these cases it is important to know which vehicle is in the vicinity and, if necessary, can take over the job. With the Geo & Tracking Feature of fleetster you have the possibility to display live locations of your vehicles with the help of an OBD-plug in order to react quickly. In addition, the route documentation supports the optimization of your daily routine drives.

Challenges for Medical Transportation Services

In many industries, the time required for fleet management is underestimated - especially in the case of analogous processes. And so there is usually no designated position, but rather the activities of the fleet managers are part of the daily to-dos of the managing director, the assistant or other employees who have to "also do" the fleet management.

It requires very experienced or well-trained personnel to meet the requirements of this position. Fleet managers of care services are basically facing a threefold problem:

1. time - overbooked personnel, who take care of a large number of patients simultaneously.

2. costs - budgets are tight in the care industry.

3. progress - standstill is not an option. Nursing services are increasingly taking the step towards digitalization.

Even the German Federal Ministry of Health has recognized this and granted funding for digitalization.

The immediate German care services support - use the subsidies of the "Pflegepersonal-Stärkungsgesetz"

The law to strengthen the nursing staff (PpSG), which was passed in 2019, aims at bringing about a noticeable improvement in the daily lives of nursing staff. It represents a further affirmation of the nursing deficit existing in Germany, which began with the measures around the nursing strengthening laws in 2017.

As part of the measures, the German Ministry is funding measures to digitalize the processes of care services. Staff- and route planning are explicitly mentioned as eligible measures.

Specifically, the state supports one-time investments in various care services companies for the investment in technology with 40% and up to 12,000 € maximum value.

fleetster - Digital fleet management for care services

Looking at the existing subsidies in the healthcare sector in Germany, outpatient and inpatient care services are now facing the decision as to which digital solutions will simplify the everyday life of care personnel the most.

Many companies are starting with care software such as Swing, Mocca or Dan, for the documentation of patient files and administrative orders.

Often, however, the digitization of the vehicle fleet is the step that makes the most sense, as nursing staff spend a lot of time on the road.

fleetster's mobility platform offers different complete solutions for ambulant care services. Thus, by a proper overview and fleet location of the care vehicles better utilization and more turnover can be generated.

The automation and digitalization can additionally lead to less downtime, which saves company resources in the long run.

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