eVehicle Check Software

You want to change your fleet and use more electric vehicles, but you are not sure if an electric vehicle offers enough range? fleetster can help - we analyse your fleet movements, show you which routes can be driven by e-vehicles and automatically suggest e-vehicles for your application.

eVehicle Check - this is how it works!

fleetster checks the driven routes of the combustion vehicles and analyses their refuelling, the driven altitude profile and the speed. Furthermore, locations of stops at customers, partners or for lunch breaks are recorded - no routes are recorded! Companies or drivers can then enter possible charging points on a map that are known. Through this, the system calculates which trips would have been possible with an electric car and where this electric car could have been left for charging. The eVehicle Check will be completed in September 2021. Please contact us to test the software in early versions and to find out which combustion vehicles can be replaced by e-vehicles.

Check the compatibility of eVehicles with your fleet movements

Basically, the eVehicle Check allows you to compare existing combustion engine data of your fleet with the fleetster eVehicle data set. Our database contains thousands of eVehicles and countless kilometres driven, on the basis of which we can make realistic conclusions and recommendations

To use the eVehicle Check software, you need an installed CarSharing kit or a data plug in your vehicles. This way, stops and possible charging points can be recorded. For users of the fleetster driver's logbook, the data can also be created retroactively. Companies can therefore collect the necessary data today and have it analysed later

You would like to know more about this product?

As this product will not be launched until September 2021, we can only offer preliminary versions for testing at this time. If you are interested in such a test, please feel free to contact our team of experts and we will clarify any inconsistencies and activate your account as soon as the software is ready