Electronic Driving Licence Check

The electronic driving licence check supports fleet managers in their daily routine. Check driving licences on their validity with the help of the fleetster hardware.

Electronic Driving Licence Check by fleetster

The Driving Licence Check is divided into software and hardware, while the software is the basis for all versions.
The software is primarily concerned with documenting the checks. These can be carried out manually with a visual check at the fleet manager's office, or by photo via the smartphone app. In both cases, an employee decides whether the check has been passed or not.

There is also the option of having driving licences checked via RFID sticker. If the sticker has been affixed to the driving licence, driving licence verifications can also be carried out at the key cabinet, the car sharing kit, a standalone reader or via the reader in many of the smartphones.


Software takes over reminders of users and guides the admin through a structured check process. All data is documented and the access to pool vehicles is automatically managed.
per user, per month

PHOTO CHECK [Coming Soon]

To save time during checks, users can send photos of their driving licence to the admin. The admin can then carry out the visual inspection in a web interface.
per user, per month


RFID stickers can be attached to the driving licence and assigned to users. Our hardware components check the stickers at every key handover.
per sticker + hardware*

*The hardware options are not part of the price and need to be ordered separately.

Overview of Electronic Driving Licence Check functions

Manual CheckPhoto-Checkwith additional purchase of Hardware
Check process
Block pool vehicle bookings
Check admins per location
Automated reminder
Photo via App
Transfer to admin
Driving Licence verification at key handover

How does the Driving Licence Check work in the fleet?

When it comes to Driving Licence Checks, there are various ways to implement them properly in the fleet. No matter which medium is used here - it is important that all necessary points (driver data, driving licence number, validity, etc.) are queried.

Regarding Manual Checks

All employees with access to the fleet (company cars or pool vehicles) must show the original driving license to the fleet manager. The fleet manager keeps all necessary driver data in the files - it is also possible to add a copy of the original driving licence. The fleet manager sets the next date for the driver's visual inspection in the system. In general, it is recommended to visually check all original driving licences twice a year.

Regarding Photo Checks

To speed up the manual control, employees can send photos of their driving license to the admin. When used for the first time, users are asked to upload a photo to confirm their driving licence. Reminders for regular checkup appointments are automatically sent via app or email. This makes face-to-face appointments obsolete.

To verify Driving Licence Check via Hardware

Proper driving licence verification can be supported by hardware. RFID stickers can be applied to driving licences and assigned to users. The presence of a driver's license can thus be confirmed at each automatic key transfer (key cabinet or car sharing kit).

How do I comply with the operational check obligation of my drivers?

When companies operate a fleet of vehicles or provide vehicles for their employees, this also entails a number of control obligations. These control obligations can generally be delegated to a fleet manager.

If the fleet manager now leaves a commercial vehicle or passenger car to an employee without a valid driving licence, he or she may face criminal consequences. In the event of accidents involving personal injury or damage to property, there may also be civil law consequences.

It is therefore important for a fleet manager to check driving licences regularly and to store this in a legally secure system. There are manual and digital ways of checking that need to be weighed up. For each application, a different solution can make sense to secure the fleet and save time in parellel.