A common system/software in which you can collaborate on fleet issues.

Consultant Features

Organize Car Data

Organizing car data and sharing it with partners.

See Reports

Have access to a variety of reports of your fleet and share the reports through the common system.

Set Support

Receive support from your consultants for all fleet topics.

Customer Billing

Support your customer in the billing process of their customers.

Customer Data

Manage the customer data and have all information you need organized in a common system.

Manage Leads

Support your customer by managing incoming leads.

The Consultant feature explained

Only providers who have customer access and trust can grow in the future. Customers want to outsource more and more fleet issues and their partners should ensure that there is a common system/software in which you can collaborate on their fleet issues. fleetsters goal is to exactly bridge that gap with the new fleetster Consultant feature. Parties have different tasks and requirements here. Damage reports, reporting, procurement, sales, etc. are topics in which both parties often play a role. A common system facilitates collaboration and increases added value.

Tim Ruhoff gives a deeper look into what the consultant feature could look like in the future. During last year's fleetster Reloaded event he explained different features and functionalities in detail. Take a look at the video from the event.

Customer & Consultant

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