Car Subscription

Software for operators who want to offer car subscriptions and subscription bookings.

Car Subscription Features


Billing of all subscription contract is directly handled through the fleetster billing software.

Driver´s Liscence Check

An electronic drivers license check is included, making sure the subscriber has all valid documents. .

Credit Check

A credit check in advance ensures that the subscribers are able to pay for the subscription.


fleetster support is available to answer important questions and to help with the communication between the car subscriber and the dealer.

Promo Codes

It is possible to use promo Codes during the booking process.


The system makes sure to handle all necessary verifications before a subscription is approved.

How Car Subscription works

During this year's fleetster reloaded event, Tim Ruhoff gave a deeper look into what Car Subscriptions could look like in the future. In this video he explains the different features and functionalities as well as the idea behind the subscription software.

Car Subscription

Our fleet management software is already being used to manage subscription car vehicles.

Now we would like to offer a module with which the booking process of a car subscription can already be usable. All further steps, such as driver's license check, vehicle assignment, damage management, billing, etc. will also be possible via fleetster.

Users can select cars from a website and decide on diverse features. It will be possible to check whether a customer is eligible for a subscription through the system. Driver's license check, payment methods, and payment details will be checked in advance. In the end, the car subscription provider decides whether the car is available and the subscription is approved.

Car Subscription, White Label & Add Ons

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