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Volocopter is the first German company to use the Geotab Keybox in corporate car sharing.


fleetster and Geotab Keybox for pool vehicle management

Volvocopter is the first Germany-based company to operate its corporate carsharing with fleetster and the new Geotab keybox. For this purpose, fleetster has provided the innovative Geotab keybox, which allows Volocopter to take advantage of simple and efficient vehicle management.

The Geotab Keybox is a state-of-the-art telematics unit that is integrated into Volocopter's pool vehicles. With the help of this advanced technology, Volocopter employees can conveniently lock and unlock the vehicles via our dedicated app. With just a few clicks, they can access the fleet at any time and seamlessly plan and manage their trips.


Intelligent mobility for the future

Our partnership with Volocopter underscores our shared vision of smart, connected mobility. By integrating the Geotab Keybox, we offer Volocopter a solution that simplifies access to pool vehicles while minimizing administrative overhead.

The Geotab Keybox is also an important step towards sustainable mobility. By simplifying vehicle management and optimizing usage, we are helping Volocopter to reduce its carbon footprint and ensure environmentally friendly operations.