Car Sharing Kit

Telematic devices for corporate Car Sharing: Keyless booking process and vehicle data for fleets.

What is the Car Sharing Kit?

The Car Sharing Kit is a telematic device which is installed in the vehicle. It allows the user to open and close the vehicle with the smartphone. The device also submits real-time information like GPS-location, fuel level, state of the doors and much more to the fleetster’s secure backend server.

Advantages of the fleetster Car Sharing Kit

All brands and models

Our telematics device can be installed in vehicles of all brands and models. There is no need to change your fleet.

Market-leader Product

fleetster takes leadership of the market by constantly working on new features and updating the software for the benefit of our customers.

Real-time data

fleetster in-cloud software integrates all data from the fleet and the users in real time and can be accessed from any device with an Internet connection.

How do I get Car Sharing Kits for my fleet?

  1. Compatibility Check
    For every installation request fleetster checks the installation database in order to make sure that the vehicle is supported by the system.
  2. Hardware Order
    The number of kits and additional equipment like key and gasoline card holder, RFID-reader and other devices are ordered.
  3. Scheduling the installation
    Our car installers visit you where the car is parked (worldwide) and install the telematic device.
  4. Installation
    On the scheduled day the devices are installed, gasoline cards and keys are connected and configured.
  5. Connection to fleetster system
    Connect and manage your companies’ vehicles from your desk.

What components does a Car Sharing Kit consist of?

Pictures describe more than a thousand words: here you will find a short description of the components of the installation of a Car Sharing Kit from fleetster.

The best of fleetster's Car Sharing Software

Seamless Process

Features are available across multiple devices and different key management devices all lead to the same process.

Made in Germany

The whole team is located in Munich, Germany.


Nobody tells us what to do but the market.

RFID or smartphone

fleetster can be used with our native smartphone apps or for people without a smartphone via an RFID card.

Fuel Card Management

Fuel cards can be tracked inside of the vehicle to make sure they are not lost.

Charging status eVehicles

For electric cars it is essential that charging is not forgotten. That is tracked via the telematic units.


from 520€
per vehicle


from 17.90€
per vehicle / per month

Interested in our Car Sharing Kit?

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