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UVV Vehicle Check

21. Nov 2022

The UVV vehicle check is an annual inspection of all vehicles in a fleet. The UVV inspection is performed by a designated expert who determines the traffic and operational safety of the vehicles.

UVV vehicle check - things you need to keep in mind!

As a fleetmanager, you must comply with the accident prevention regulations (UVV) prescribed by law, and owner's liability applies to you. Owner's liability includes, among other things, the regular inspection of the vehicles in the fleet. Furthermore, the driving licenses of the employees must be checked every six months and every driver must receive initial instruction. The UVV also stipulate that all drivers must receive instruction once a year. Often, the entrepreneurial duty of owner's liability is transferred to you as a fleet manager.

Is the UVV inspection of passenger cars compulsory?

Yes, the accident prevention regulation is required by law and regulated in § 57 Para. 1 of DGUV Regulation 70. Failure to comply with the UVV inspection may result in heavy fines and even imprisonment. In addition, there may be problems with payments by the employers' liability insurance association.

Right hammer and right balance
Right hammer and right balance

UVV check of company cars

For the UVV inspection of passenger cars, you record the vehicles subject to inspection. You select and commission a specialist workshop (or qualified person). Furthermore, you comply with the inspection deadlines, you archive the documented inspection results and have the identified defects rectified.

fleetster is an ideal tool for organizing all the tasks of an accident prevention inspection. All vehicle data is recorded and available to you with just one click. You are automatically reminded of the inspection deadlines and can store all inspection documents in a legally secure manner. In the event of damage or an inspection, you can present them immediately.

What does the UVV test for passenger cars include?

What is tested during the UVV?

The UVV inspection of passenger cars is comprehensive, the complete vehicle is inspected for traffic and operational safety. The specialist workshop requires the UVV safety check form to check traffic safety and the UVV form to check operational safety.

  1. External audit
  2. Inspection from below
  3. Engine compartment and car interior

The road safety is confirmed with this check. During the safety check - in addition to the license plate number - the date of the main inspection and the mileage are also entered. After the safety check has been fully documented, the mechanic signs off.

Where can I carry out the UVV test for passenger cars?

Specialist workshops or certified workshops offer the UVV Auto inspection. Who is allowed to carry out a UVV inspection? In principle, the UVV inspection must be carried out by a competent person.

  • The person is technically capable of determining the work-safe condition of a vehicle based on their training and experience.
  • It is up to date with the regulations of occupational safety and accident prevention for UVV testing vehicles.
Woman advises man on vehicle
Woman advises man on vehicle

Digital UVV check

fleetster supports the digitalization, acceleration and simplification of UVV checks. These include the semi-annual driver's license check, the initial briefing of all drivers and the annual driver instruction.


  • Informs you in time about all upcoming dates.
  • Stores all vehicle data clearly and quickly accessible.
  • Stores all test reports in a legally secure and clear manner.
  • Enables digital driver's license control.
  • Enables digital driver training for all employees, including testing and certificate.
  • Provides you with an overview at all times of which employee is at which level (driver's license, instruction, test).
UVV Check Details
UVV Check Details

Never forget any checks!

The constant checks are a nuisance, but the risk of accidents is significantly reduced by the UVV inspection for cars. In addition, you avoid breakdowns due to malfunctions and maintenance. The top organization by fleetster paves the way to a safe fleet operation for you. An intact and functioning fleet has a positive effect on the working atmosphere and cost factors. You have the UVV for company cars under control, are perfectly organized and prepared for everything.