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What is a mobility manager?

17. Apr 2023 | By Malena Gärtner

Whether company cars, company bicycles or car sharing. The diversity of the vehicle fleet in companies is increasing more and more. The infrastructure also plays a major role. Good accessibility for customers and employees is an advantage for companies. In addition, the topic of climate protection is becoming more and more important. These examples show that the vehicle fleet is changing. A mobility manager can support companies in these fields. What is a mobility manager and what are his tasks?

What is a mobility manager?

How does a mobility manager support the company?

Corporate traffic is becoming increasingly demanding and therefore needs to be managed. One solution is the implementation of a corporate mobility management. This deals with the movements of people in the corporate system. From the analysis of the data, the mobility manager creates concepts for how traffic, infrastructure and logistics planning can be optimized. iI doing so, he takes a holistic view and includes in his consideration not only employees but also customers and suppliers.

Man and woman sitting next to each other in the vehicle
Man and woman sitting next to each other in the vehicle

What are the tasks of a mobility manager?

How can you describe your field of activity?

The tasks of a mobility manager are diverse. He takes a holistic view of the traffic situation in an operational system. His main tasks include:

  • Carrying out mobility analyses and assessments of needs
  • Recording, monitoring and reporting on operational mobility metrics such as costs, CO2 emissions
  • Development and implementation of mobility strategies in line with corporate objectives
  • Development of mobility concepts to improve the operational infrastructure
  • Advice and support for the various departments in the company
  • Monitoring compliance with legal requirements
  • Creation and maintenance of guidelines
  • Advice on responsible and sustainable use of the means of transport

How to become a mobility manager?

What mobility manager jobs are available?

There is no direct training to become a manager. Career changers should have an interest in the subject area of mobility as well as good analytical skills. Basic knowledge in the area of project management as well as knowledge of business administration are helpful for performing the job. In addition, an affinity for working with software tools is an advantage. The job holder should also be able to organize well and be a strong communicator.

Additional qualifications in fleet and traffic management can be acquired through further training, for example at the Chamber of Industry and Commerce or other educational institutes.

Mobility manager jobs are available in both municipal and corporate settings.

Business man in front of computer
Business man in front of computer

How should the mobility manager be distinguished from the fleet manager?

What is the difference?

There is no clear demarcation between a mobility manager and a fleet manager. The fleet manager is the specialist for the fleet who takes care of the procurement of vehicles, the administration of the fleet as well as the monitoring of the compliance with the keeper obligations. The tasks of the mobility manager are partly congruent, but even broader. He is the generalist who takes care of the entire topic of operational fleet management, taking into account not only the vehicles, but also the infrastructure as well as the company goals.

What are the benefits of corporate mobility management for companies and employees?

Why should every company have a corporate mobility management system?

The goal of implementing a company fleet management system is to save costs. On the one hand, this includes making logistics routes more efficient. For example, through better planning, delivery points can be approached on the way back and empty runs can be avoided. But bike leasing or car sharing concepts can also save costs by reducing parking space.

For customers, suppliers and employees, good accessibility of the company must be optimized through measures.

New mobility offerings such as a company bicycle can also save employees money, and they do something for their health at the same time, which can reduce health costs for the company. In addition, commuting to work can be made more cost-effective in this way.

In addition, the issue of sustainability is also becoming increasingly important. Reducing the burden on the environment through less CO2 emissions boosts the company's image. In turn, a good image is advantageous in times of a shortage of skilled workers in order to be attractive to existing and potential employees.

What measures are in place in the area of transport?

What can the mobility manager do?

There are no limits to the imagination when it comes to developing measures. Offers for employees range from subsidized job tickets for public transportation, to offering platforms for carpooling, to employee bonus systems when they leave their cars at home. But this also includes providing enough bicycle parking spaces as well as shower facilities. Offering flexible mobility services increases employee satisfaction and thus loyalty to the company.

Internally, emphasis should be placed on the selection of low-emission vehicles. Particularly when electric vehicles are used, the traffic manager must ensure that sufficient charging stations are available. In addition, it is also the manager's task to develop mobility concepts, such as how motorized traffic can be shifted to cargo bicycles.

As an alternative to a company car for each employee, car-sharing offers should be examined, which can be used more cost-effectively and flexibly.

Cars parked side by side
Cars parked side by side


A mobility manager is a good investment for a company in order to make mobility more cost-effective, more attractive, and more environmentally and socially compatible. The advantage of a mobility manager over a fleet manager in the company is that he or she does not only focus on selective problems, but takes a holistic view of mobility and can thus offer more effective solutions. Due to the cost savings and the image gain, a mobility manager is recommended to every company.