Tax office compliant, legally secure and automatic

The fleetster logbook - meets all the requirements of an electronic logbook.

The fleetster driver's logbook - meets all requirements for an electronic driver's logbook

The fleetster electronic driver's logbook has been developed to the highest technological standard, with the help of experts in data security, tax law and software development, to create a tax compliant and legally secure driver's logbook that meets international legal requirements. You can read more about driver's logbook requirements here.


A driver's logbook must meet many requirements - with electronic or digital driver's logbooks, at least the same requirements must be covered. In addition, there are further requirements regarding data protection and data processing.

Logbook requirements - with fleetster they find application

General IT security of the logbooks

Clear data accountability for logbook use

Data security of the logbook

Unchangeability of the logbook and change log

Auditability and traceability

Completeness, immediacy and regularity

Retention and archiving of logbook records

1. General IT security of the logbooks

fleetster has been active in the fleet management and car sharing market for 10 years and offers a well-documented cloud software solution that meets the highest data security standards

In addition to an optimized development and change process of the software system, fleetster monitors the central Open API - an interface through which real-time information can be brought to or taken from the system

All accesses of users, admins or administrators of the system are automatically saved and time-stamped. All fleetster driver logbook systems are organized via an authorization structure. In addition to the classic admin and user distinction, fleetster offers numerous subcategories of rights structures that can be selected individually.

2. Clear data accountability for logbook use

The new EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) has been in force since May 25, 2018, according to which the protection of personal data and the privacy of individuals is no longer just an obligation for companies; rather, data protection becomes a fundamental human right for all European citizens

The most fundamental change of the GDPR is the explicit consent of the data subject to the data collection. At fleetster, the rights of our users have the highest priority:

  • Right to information
  • Right to information
  • Right to object to the processing of personal data
  • Right to correct the personal data
  • Right to erasure of personal data
  • Right to block personal data for processing

3. Data security of the logbook

Thanks to long-standing partnerships with major customers such as Telekom, Deloitte or Daimler, the fleetster software has been regularly subjected to large and in-depth tests (penetration tests). A dedicated data protection team participates in regular training sessions and tests the system for data leaks

fleetster additionally has an IT security concept, deletion concept and offline measures to protect personal data against any attacks

Thanks to central hosting in Germany, all backups and updates are also secured in Germany. No personal data is ever transferred to other countries.

4. Unalterability of the logbook and amendment log

In order for a logbook to be considered legally compliant, certain information (start time/end time, start position and distance) must be unchangeable after a certain period. With fleetster, these parameters are collected by the integrated OBD plug and sent to the fleetster system. In addition, changing this information is limited in time to 7 days after the end of the trip, while all changes are recorded in a log and displayed in the PDF export

If it should happen that a user has not categorized a trip in a timely manner, all uncategorized trips will automatically be declared as private trips. This follows the idea of protecting the data and privacy of the users in case, so even if the categorization is forgotten, no unwanted information will get to the admin.

5. Auditability and traceability

It is also important that all information in the electronic driver's logbook is simple and comprehensible. To ensure this verifiability and comprehensibility, fleetster has, on the one hand, developed a manual for the basic mobility platform fleetster on the other hand, there is also a logbook manual that explains the fleetster functions from an admin and user perspective

This manual can be issued to fleetster users upon request - feel free to get in touch via the link below and we will send you the information.

Furthermore, fleetster and its design team follow general UX/UI design concepts that aim to make the software application as intuitive as possible. The use of the native apps and web app should be self-explanatory accordingly

6. Completeness, immediacy and regularity

In order for a driver's logbook to be taken into account by the tax office, it must contain complete and proper records of all business transactions involving the company car or pool vehicle

To meet these requirements, fleetster has created a PDF export that protects against rework by means of a digital signature. fleetster uses for this purpose a p12 Certificate .

In addition to this, the fleetster system generates an error message if the information for a business trip or mixed trip (business partner, company, reason for the trip) is not entered completely.

Drivers are also notified - as can be seen here in the picture - to ensure completeness and regularity

7. Retention and archiving of logbook records

Accordingly, all data generated in the system must be retained for the specified duration of the retention period in accordance with tax obligations and must be recoverable in the event of an emergency.

fleetster keeps all driver logbooks on German servers for 10 years - thus assuming the legal obligation to retain data. Data is never transferred or transmitted to other countries.

Electronic logbook from fleetster - tax compliant and legally secure

The automatically recording logbook from fleetster frees you from everyday paperwork. OBD plug or CarSharing Kit sends all vehicle information via on-board diagnostics or directly via the vehicle electronics to the fleetster system

With the implementation of the electronic driver's logbook, system administrators no longer have to chase after unfilled driver's logbooks, but can conveniently get everything centrally online or on their cell phones