Keyless solutions for the fleet

8. Aug 2023

Keyless fleet systems can help companies access their fleets more securely and efficiently. Find out how and which systems are available here!

How are keyless solutions used for the fleet?

Keyless fleet solutions are systems that allow vehicles to be opened and started without the use of physical keys. Instead, technologies such as RFID, Bluetooth or NFC are used to verify the driver's identity and grant access to the vehicle.

With a keyless system, companies can make access to their fleets more secure and efficient. For example, you can track who used the vehicle and when, and how long it was driven. Keyless systems can also help track vehicles and their usage, ideally reducing costs by reducing the vehicle fleet.

Some keyless systems also offer to monitor and analyze driver behavior, allowing companies to improve road safety and reduce fuel consumption.


What are the types of keyless solutions?

There are several types of keyless fleet solutions that can be used depending on a company's needs and requirements. Here are some of the most common systems:

  1. RFID (Radio Frequency Identification): Here, an RFID transponder is attached to the vehicle and the driver wears an RFID chip that verifies his identity. As soon as the driver is within range of the vehicle, the car is automatically unlocked.
  2. Bluetooth: This wireless technology uses Bluetooth to unlock and start the vehicle, requiring only that the driver carries a Bluetooth-device (e.g., a smartphone) that connects to the vehicle.
  3. NFC (Near Field Communication): With this system, an NFC chip is attached to the vehicle, which makes it possible to unlock the vehicle when the driver holds the smartphone with NFC function cloe to the car.
  4. Biometric systems: Here, the identity of the driver is verified via biometric features such as fingerprints or facial recognition. These systems offer a high level of security, but require special hardware and software.
  5. Cloud-based systems: This uses a cloud-based platform to manage access to the vehicles, allowing the driver to unlock and start the vehicle via a mobile app connected to the cloud-based platform.

It is also possible to combine these systems together to provide greater security and flexibility. Companies should consider cost, functionality, security and compatibility with their existing systems and processes when selecting a keyless solution for their fleet.

Reasons for using keyless solutions

There are several reasons why companies should manage a fleet with keyless solutions:

  1. Security: Keyless systems can increase fleet security by preventing unauthorized access to vehicles. Only authorized employees can access and start vehicles, reducing the risk of theft or vandalism.
  2. Simplified management: Keyless systems can simplify fleet management by eliminating the need for physical keys. Companies no longer have to worry about keys being lost or damaged and can manage access to vehicles more efficiently.
  3. Improved efficiency: Keyless systems enable companies to better monitor and plan the use of their vehicles. For example, they can track who has used the vehicle, when, and how long it has been driven, allowing them to maximize vehicle utilization and reduce time.
  4. Reducing operating costs: By using keyless systems, companies can also reduce fleet operating costs. For example, they can optimize fuel consumption by monitoring and analyzing driver behavior, and they can reduce the number of vehicles by making it easier for employees to find a free vehicle.

Overall, keyless fleet solutions can help improve fleet safety, efficiency and profitability.


Which keyless solutions does fleetster offer?

As a fleet management- & carsharing software provider, fleetster offers various types of keyless solutions that can help companies manage their fleets:

  1. Geotab Keybox : The Geotab Keybox can easily lock and unlock your vehicles through a mobile app via Bluetooth. The key is placed in the key compartment and once connected with the GO9 device, the Keybox is online. It can be placed anywhere in the car, making it easy to install without having to destroy the keys.
  2. Geotab Keyless: Geotab Keyless is ideal for public carsharing and fleets with a long lifetime. Once installed, the hardware is very reliable. Bluetooth usage allows operations with poor internet connectivity. The Keyless device offers the best value-for-money solution in the market.
  3. Invers Cloudboxx: Invers offers a solution that enables the opening and locking mechanism via smartphone, RFID or remotely. The CarSharing kit is installed in a vehicle in such a way that it is invisible to the user.

fleetster also offers a variety of other functions and tools, such as route optimization or vehicle booking, that can help companies manage their fleets.