Green fleet - tips for sustainable fleet management!

24. Oct 2022 | By Malena Gaertner

Environmentally conscious fleet management protects nature, reduces costs and contributes to the positive image of the respective company

Environmentally conscious use of company cars

The environmentally conscious use of company cars is becoming increasingly important. Companies that combine ecology, economy and the social in their company car use will significantly increase their order rate. The lower the fuel consumption, the lower the environmental pollution. However, numerous steps must be observed and taken so that the respective company can speak of environmentally conscious company car use:

  • An accurate Inventory of the vehicle fleet as well as a conscientious procurement plan: not all environmentally friendly engines are always suitable for every business trip. The environmentally friendly electric cars are more suitable for short distances within the city.
  • A renewal of the vehicle fleet by environmentally friendly hybrid or electric vehicles. The use of natural gas cars is particularly economical, as their fuel consumption is between 30 and 50 percent lower than that of conventional motor vehicles. In addition, they actively contribute to reducing CO2 emissions, which are harmful to the environment.
  • A diesel or gasoline car? Every purchase requires a precise calculation of the Environmental balance. Diesel-powered vehicles emit around eleven percent more carbon dioxide than gasoline-powered vehicles. They also emit more nitrogen oxide, hydrocarbons and soot particles.
  • Thin car tires and a consumption-reducing automotive equipment , such as the automatic start-stop system, significantly reduce fuel consumption.
  • Repeating Checking tire pressure and tread depth. Appeal to your drivers to always empty the trunk. Unnecessary weight increases fuel consumption.
  • Different planning of Business travel: electric cars for short distances within the city, hybrid or bivalent engines and diesel or gasoline drives for more extensive business trips. The route to the desired location should also be chosen carefully, with flat roads with little traffic being preferred.

Environmentally conscious fleet management

However, environmentally conscious fleet management involves much more than just using eco-friendly company cars. The urban area and surrounding landscape also play a crucial role. Environmentally conscious companies can use car washes that ensure efficient water consumption, and bio-cleaning agents that are degraded also contribute to sustainable fleet management.

However, successful environmentally friendly fleet management also requires the involvement of employees in this concept. They, too, should be given the opportunity to propose their own thoughts and ideas so that they can play an active role in successful sustainable fleet operation. Nevertheless, further steps need to be taken: it is necessary to record the fuel consumption of all employees in writing and to check this at regular intervals, to draw up CO2 report sets and to compare the different engines in order to reduce harmful emissions. A further incentive for employees would be a quid pro quo, e.g. a bonus, for the lowest monthly or annual consumption. Courses on efficient fuel consumption also contribute to sustainable fleet management. These are usually offered by car clubs.

Employees should also use alternative means of transportation, including carpooling, car sharing, bicycles, electric bikes, buses and trains.