Costs UVV inspection in the fleet

18. Jul 2023

The UVV inspection is an integral part of every fleet management. The fleet management system fleetster contributes significantly to reducing the costs of the UVV inspection. Numerous processes are digitized and automated in a legally compliant manner.

What does the UVV inspection in the vehicle fleet include?

The UVV inspection in the vehicle fleet includes:

  • UVV inspection passenger car - the regular inspection of vehicles
  • Regular control of driving licenses
  • Annual driver training
  • Initial briefing of drivers
Man in front of computer
Man in front of computer

Cost of the UVV test for the vehicle inspection

The vehicle check

The costs of a UVV test for passenger cars for the vehicles in the fleet range from €15 to €110. There is no uniform nationwide price list for UVV tests. The costs depend on several factors. To which category do the vehicles belong? Do your own employees carry out the test or do you commission an external specialist workshop?

If the inspection of the vehicles takes place within the framework of the main inspection (HU), it can be cheaper. The UVV inspection costs are then between 30 and 50 €. For very large fleets, it can be worthwhile to train an employee as an inspector for the UVV inspection of passenger cars.

fleetster supports you in all UVV processes. Reminders for the UVV inspection of passenger cars are issued for all vehicles. All master data are immediately available to the workshop. The digitized documents of the inspection are clearly stored.

The driver's license check

Cost of the UVV test for the driver's license check

Here comes some really good news: regular driver's license check is handled entirely through our app.

How does it work? Employees install our app on their smartphone. Drivers automatically receive reminders at regular intervals. They can then scan in their driver's license themselves and have it checked via the system. On vacation, at home, or on the road while refueling. After a successful check, documentation is provided and a new inspection date is set. If the employee misses the UVV inspection despite the automatic reminder, the system informs supervisors, fleet managers, or the management.

The even better news: fleetster saves you a lot of money. Manually, two checks per driver and year require 54 minutes. With the fleetster app, it's less than 2 minutes. Making appointments, checking, copying, documenting and filing - everything is eliminated.

The data processing is carried out in accordance with the DSGVO. The controls are carried out sustainably, they are forgery and tamper-proof.

The electronic driver's license check costs only 0.50€ per user per month.

Driving license
Driving license

Driver training

Cost of the UVV test for driver instruction

The next good news: Even the annual driver training - including final test and certificate - is completely handled by the fleetster software. UVV examination costs just 0.50 € per user per month.

The driver training is carried out via e-learning, the content is based on the guidelines of the DGUV. Each employee can access the program conveniently and flexibly at the workplace. Contents include, for example

  • Vehicle check
  • Load securing
  • Safe on the road
  • Distractions in road traffic
  • Dealing with stress
  • Accident: How to behave correctly

The employee can perfectly integrate the instruction into his everyday work. The subject matter is very easy to understand, entertaining and technically correct. The final test can be interrupted at any time and continued at a later point in the same place.

As a manager, you can see at a glance which employee has already completed the test. You receive the certificate electronically as proof that the driver training has been successfully completed. fleetster ensures that the driver training is repeated regularly. In the event of irregularities (training or test is not completed), the system informs you.

UVV driver training
UVV driver training

Costs of the UVV test for driver instruction

The initial briefing of the driver

The initial briefing is carried out by you as the fleet manager. During the initial briefing, specified points are discussed. For example, the employee must ensure that the load is secured and use suitable aids such as belts or nets.

Numerous points are addressed, with the aim of enabling each employee to determine the vehicle's working and road safety before setting off.

Cost control

Cost control through fleetster

To optimize costs - including UVV inspection costs - you need to know all expenses, make them transparent and agree on a sensible target. fleetster supports you in visualizing and clearly presenting all existing fleet processes. Then processes can be analyzed and optimized - dynamically and sustainably.

Cost savings through fleetster

A good fleet management system makes your work easier. The software reduces errors to a minimum, as nothing is overlooked anymore.

Efficiency and effectiveness in the fleet increase through regulated processes. fleetster was developed and designed for this objective.

  • Date reminder for UVV inspection for all vehicles (UVV inspection for passenger cars)
  • Regular driver's license check with appointment reminder for employees
  • Regular driver instruction with appointment reminder for employees
  • Fleet manager is always in the picture about the status of things
  • Timely escalation (if necessary) for any irregularities


As a fleet manager, you are responsible for the implementation of accident prevention regulations (UVV). The fleet management system fleetster is perfectly suited for the implementation of all requirements. Important time-consuming processes such as driver's license checks or driver instruction are completely digitalized - reliable, transparent and legally compliant. Although there is no price list UVV inspections, you always keep track of all UVV inspection costs.