Artificial intelligence in fleet management

21. Aug 2023

What is the significance of artificial intelligence for the further development of fleet management software? What potential can be tapped upon?

The increasing networking of vehicles with the environment and the use of artificial intelligence (AI) have the potential to significantly develop and optimize fleet management.

  1. Real-time data and communication : Vehicles can interact in real time with other vehicles, infrastructure, and various data services, allowing real-time information about traffic, road conditions, weather conditions, and more to be captured and used. AI can analyze this data and guide fleet management more precisely.
  2. Maintenance management : Vehicle connectivity can continuously collect data on vehicle health, and AI can analyze this data and generate predictive maintenance suggestions to minimize downtime and extend vehicle life.
  3. Fleet optimization : With the help of AI, fleet managers can optimize vehicle utilization, fuel consumption, wear and tear, and other factors to reduce costs and increase efficiency.
  4. Sustainability and environment : AI can help reduce the fleet's carbon footprint, and data can be used to plan routes that minimize fuel consumption or increase the use of low-emission or electric vehicles
  5. Data-driven decision making : The integration of AI can enable data-driven decision making in fleet management, including analysis of performance data, trends and forecasts to make informed business decisions.

AI with vehicle data

The relevance of networking for fleets only becomes apparent when the functionalities meet strict data protection requirements. The use of data from the vehicles focuses less on their use and more on the condition of the vehicles themselves. Early detection of error messages enables significant time and cost savings.

The real developments take place "under the hood" of the fleet software. Artificial intelligence is very good at recognizing patterns and errors. In the fleet, a lot of data comes together from many sources. Thus, incorrect data often enters the software solutions and this is where AI can make a big difference in cleaning up the data. So, if you combine AI with vehicle data, you can react particularly quickly to important events in the fleet.


fleetster and artificial intelligence

fleetster recently started using artificial intelligence in its digital driver's license check. With the fleetster app, drivers can scan their driver's license with the camera on their smartphone or tablet. The AI scans the information on the driver's license and automatically imports it into the fleetster system.

Once the data has been entered, the system remembers the information so that the driver's license only needs to be scanned once. When the next check is due, the system transfers the data automatically. Automatic scanning saves time in particular, as users no longer need to enter their data manually.