Why have electric vehicles
in your company fleet?

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Return on investment

Since investment cost is high for electric vehicles but driving costs are very low, they pay off only if they are constantly traveling. That's why it's important to have utilization as high as possible with electric cars. Thanks to fleetster's cutting edge range estimation algorithm, there is no reason to fear the vehicle having insufficient charge for the intended usage.

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To make sure the vehicles can be charged while parking, you could locate new charging points on your company's parking. This is also a nice marketing effect.

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Many short distance trips

Short distance trips are ideal for electric cars, mainly because they are bad for combustion engines and because there is almost no risk for an empty battery. Since bookings are very easy in fleetster those short distance trips can be combined on few electric cars, which improves their utilization rate.

WITH fleetster

vehicle management

Electric vehicle database

Since more than five years we have our own database that includes data for all eVehicles on the market. For every vehicle we have the realistic range that sometimes differentiates from the one provided by the car manufacturer. To make sure the values are correct, we are enhancing our data base continuously.

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fleetster has developed an algorithm to predict the vehicle's remaining range at any point in the future. The algorithm takes into account all bookings with their esitmated distances and charging slots. So the software can always tell the user if a future booking is possible or not.

vehicle management

Security and flexibility buffers

The admin has the option to add more security and flexibility to the system by setting up individual buffers. These buffers make sure that even unforeseeable events and detours do not affect upcoming bookings.


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Monitoring and automatic booking adjustments

Enjoy a fully automated system with our Carsharing Kits! If you have our Carsharing Kits installed in your vehicles, you can enjoy the advantages of the internet of things and telematic devices. With those devices, our software has an overview of all battery levels. This means fleetster can monitor battery levels, compares the actual values with the predicted values and reallocates bookings, if necessary. Then the administrator does not have to care about anything - the software even reminds the drivers to charge the vehicles after every trip.

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The fleetster electric car feature includes all features of our fleetster PRO Licenses such as booking calendar, driver log, fleet analytics and much more.

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Range Management

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