fleetster's Poolcar-Analytics

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 12 November 2015

The Analytics feature gives you precious insights to your vehicles’ utilization. Based on the automatically collected data, you can make a better informed decision regarding the size of your fleet or types of your cars.

Do your employees book more trips for private or for business reasons? You can find the answer on chart above. If your company does not allow...

Update 6th November 2015

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 6 November 2015

Our goal is to have the best corporate carsharing and fleet management software. This is why we update our software every two weeks. Not every update is immediately visible to our customers, and some (such as security improvements and performance updates) are not visible at all. However, for any visible updates we create a detailed overview so that users can familiariz...

fleetster Reloaded on 3rd December 2015

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 29 October 2015

fleetster Reloaded on 3rd December 2015. After we welcomed over 100 guests at our first fleetster Reloaded event last year, this year we would like everyone - innovative fleet managers, leasing companies, vehicle manufacturers, potential sales partners, and all who like to know what we did in 2015 - to feel invited our office at Zielstattstraße 19! Do you remember last...

WW+ reduces mobility costs with fleetster

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 28 August 2015

"The fact that two company cars would be enough for our 30 employees, was to us same surprising as the fact how many kilometers are travelled on private trips, which are probably often done with carpooling" said Mr. Penning from WW +. After a detailed mobility analysis in cooperation with the fleetster team, the architecture office from Luxembourg made a decision to bu...

The Fleet-Update (Fuhrpark-Update) goes to the next round!

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 11 August 2015

After a great success in April, in October we are kicking off with the second round of Fleet-Update (Fuhrpark-Update). We are going to visit 6 German cities in 2 weeks and provide fleet managers with the latest information and trends related to fleet management. For the first time we will be visiting Berlin and we are already looking forward to get to know the new flee...

Fleetster Pro Apps are ready!

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 23 July 2015

Finally, the new versions of our apps are online! New in a way that the apps are linked to our new fleetster system. Our users can now benefit from the new design and improved usability, and thus are able to book trips and manage reservations even more effectively. The good news is that the key management supported by a fully automatic key cabinet works in the new app ...

Interview with Tim Ruhoff in IHK magazine | fleetster

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 3 July 2015

The term “share economy” is all around – as more and more products and services are shared. Drilling machines, private cars, apartments and in case of fleetster – pool vehicles. Because of the recent buzz around the sharing-idea, our CEO Tim Ruhoff, was invited to share his thoughts on that topic in IHK magazine. As explained by Tim, the concept of Corporate Carsharing...

Hessen region and transport carriers recommend fleetster for the administration of electric vehicles

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 5 June 2015

Thanks to the new project going by the name of "eFlotte - elektromobil interwegs" companies can test electric cars for two weeks, completely free of charge. The eFlotte project was initiated by the Hessian Ministry of Economics, Energy, Transport and Regional Development in cooperation with various authorities supporting innovative enterprises. Interested companies or ...