Billing Tool for Public Car Sharing Companies

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Billing Tool for Public Car Sharing Companies

Managing the invoices and whole billing process of all the small payments is a hard challenge for public car sharing companies. fleetster now offers a dedicated billing tool feature that automates this process and gives full autonomy to the providers .

Billing in car sharing companies

For companies that offer public car sharing services, billing is major issue because they need to collect small amounts of money from many customers. This complex process takes not only time and resources at the end of every month but also puts an unnecessary risk at a critical part of the provider’s business. Especially since this process is susceptible to mistakes when it's done manually. Therefore, fleetster has developed new features. The new billing tool automates the whole billing process for fleetster's car sharing partners.

Billing tool for public car sharing companies

Currently, the public car sharing software has an integration with the customer's billing partner where the transactions are processed. The goal was to automate the processes in order to that responds to the business needs for processing, organizing and customizing data.

fleetster’s billing tool for public car sharing: What did we build?

We have updated the standard billing tool of our mobility platform so our white label customers are able to automatically aggregate all tips and cost, to digitally calculate and generate detailed invoices and manipulate them to fit their own needs. This provides complete autonomy during the billing process. In addition, the payment overview presents different options like collect, analyze data and work on financial forecasting.
This feature gives complete independence to our public car sharing customers to run their businesses and provides the opportunity to scale their services from hundreds to millions of cars.

Public car sharing software

Our public car sharing software is one of the products that makes fleetster a leading company also in the e-mobility business. Together with our corporate car sharing software and automatic key boxes, we focus on the development of innovative, user centered and eco-friendly car sharing and e-mobility software.
Since 2013, fleetster has been developing software solutions that make it possible to manage company fleets in a simple, transparent and efficient manner. Electric vehicles can be easily integrated into fleets – the emobility algorithm guarantees enough battery for all trips. This makes it easy to convert companies' mobility to eco-friendly e-mobility. At the Munich office, 15 developers are developing the innovative cloud-based platform that is hosted exclusively in Germany. Whether corporate or public car sharing, fleet or travel management - currently more than 20,000 users use fleetster in six languages worldwide. With fleetster, mobility reaches a new dimension: simple for the users, efficient for the management, good for the environment.

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