The new fleetster products

Presented by Tim Ruhoff at fleetster Reloaded 2017

We received a lot of feedback regarding our software, the event, our vision and the new product presentations. We will use those inspirations to improve our processes as good as we can – many thanks for your contribution!
Since there was a lot of information provided during the evening, we have prepared and uploaded all video-recordings of the evening.

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RENTAL The basis for a car rental software always existed in fleetster. After all car rental is just a combination of category booking, car sharing and billing. Soon this product is also available for our customers!
PUBLIC CARSHARING Since the end of 2016, fleetster has been successfully "live" with two customers who are using the public carsharing feature - even with electric vehicles! Now we are taking this feature to the next level and release our public carsharing module.
FLEET MANAGEMENT We are constantly developing new features for our fleet management software. The following solutions will be launched in 2018 and can already be tested:
Digital Car File, Reminders, Receipts and Analytics.
From now on fleetster also solves a particularly tedious topic that all fleet managers are facing: Damage management. Damages are simply reported by the user via the app and are automatically transferred to the fleet manager!
BILLING & PAYMENT Billing of mobility is complex, but it is the basis for the commercial success of our partners. With the first version of our billing feature, this process can now be digitized.
SUPPORT PLATFORM With our support platform, our partners can organize and resolve problems for their customers. Technical issues can be forwarded to the fleetster team in a single process flow.