On 25th of May 2018, the new GDPR will be enforced. Protection and privacy of individuals – “data subjects” in GDPR terminology – becomes not just a legal obligation placed on organizations collecting and processing our data, but also entrenches data privacy as a fundamental human right of all EU citizens.

The main change is that individuals must provide explicit consent to data collection – “consent by default” is no longer valid.

For us at fleetster, it is our main concern to safeguard our users’ right at any time:
  • Right To Be Informed

    fleetster has to inform all users about any collection of data and processing of data before the user submits any personal data.
    The data processing agreement is always visible in the footer during the registration process.
  • Right of access (“Auskunftsrecht”)

    fleetster is required to provide information to registered users on request.
  • Right to object to the data processing

    If data processing is legally permitted in principle, the person concerned still has the right to object to the processing of her or his personal data. In fleetster, every data subject can object to the processing of data at any time.
  • Correcting your personal data

    If the collected data contains incorrect or outdated information, the data subject is entitled to their correction. fleetster is obliged to correct incorrect data.
    In fleetster, every user can update his or her personal data in the user profile. Furthermore, data can also be corrected by some selected members of the fleetster support team.
  • Deleting your personal data

    As soon as the reason for the processing of data is obsolete, all personal data has to be deleted. This is the case, for example, when the data subject withdraws his/her previously given consent to process his/her data.

  • Blocking the processing of your personal data

    Whenever the deletion of personal data is not possible (e.g. due to commercial or fiscal obligations), the data subject has the right that his personal data is blocked.
    Blocked data cannot be processed and only transferred and used to a limited extend.