No more fear of an empty battery

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 6 December 2018

eMobility with fleetster - a new algorithm provides precise forecasts of range and automatically organizes all follow-up bookings.

Total Fleet Control

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 14 July 2016

When Mr. Smith, the caretaker, booked the Mercedes S-Class from the company’s carpool to take the old radiator to the recycling yard, it was done in a blink of an eye. Why? Because Mr. Smith used the fleetster app to book the best pool car on his smartphone without hassle, proving that with fleetster it is easy as ABC to book a business trip as a company employee. It g...

Reminders - fleet management is available in fleetster!

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 22 March 2016

We have good news for fleet managers – fleetster has just released its new fleet management software! The latest feature – Reminders – lets the fleet managers set alerts for the important events regarding vehicles' maintenance, such as servicing, tire changes or cleaning. The release follows the launch of a Digital Car File, which is the core element of vehicle managem...

Key Management

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 10 March 2016

This feature was developed to simplify and improve the efficiency of the vehicle key management. By using it you have a clear overview of the booking status, including the key release and key return information.

If your company has more than one location, make sure you change the location on the far left drop down to the locations you want to observe. Once doi...

New iOS fleetster app is online!

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 16 February 2016

More features, new design, new app. The new iOS app from fleetster is available now in the App Store! Thanks to the new app, our users have the entire fleetster functionality on their smartphones. Easy and convenient management of the pool cars from anywhere in the world - in German, English and Dutch. The new app gives you everything you need. Regardless to the type o...

Range Management

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 11 February 2016

When we think of electric cars we automatically think of the future of mobility, because this is exactly what it is. But, before jumping into the idea of using electric vehicles, it’s important to know the processes of management before including them into your fleet vehicles. Let’s explain the diagram above to get a better idea on how to manage electric fleet vehicles...

Driving License Control

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 14 January 2016

This feature validates the driving licenses of your employees. With the Driver License Control you eliminate the risk of providing your cars to users who do not have a valid driving permission.

At fleetster we want companies and fleet managers to have the peace of mind that everything is thoroughly checked and concluded upon booking a vehicle. We have heard of ...

The Booking Platform

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 10 December 2015

The booking platform is the basis of our features. This is the screen which is most important to familiarize yourself with in order to understand the booking process of your pool cars. You can access this page as soon as you log in and select a new booking. Once you dive into this process, you will notice that if your company has more than one location, the platform wi...